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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Female, Caucasian
  • Home state: Wisconsin
  • Brief Profile: Double Major in Biochemistry and Anthropology

    - ER Volunteer at local hospital (100+ hours and continuing)
    - Pharmacy Technician (25 hrs/week for several months in 2007 - learned that Pharmacy is NOT for me)
    - Vision Screener for Prevent Blindness in Wisconsin organization

    - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Summer Anatomy Institute 2007
    - President of AMSA Pre-medical Chapter (we're pretty active), VP last year
    ~ Project Linus local chapter volunteering
    ~ Various volunteering events (cancer walks, flu-clinics, etc.)
    - UWM Honors College
    - Mortar Board Honor Society Social Committee
    - Voices for Planned Parenthood Group
    ~ No Condom No Way events

    - Supplemental Instruction Leader/Tutor for Chemistry, Biology, and Anthropology (15 hrs/wk)
    - Tutoring Center Program Assistant (5-10hrs/wk)
    - Hostess/Server Assistant (10 hrs/wk)
    - Office Assistant (20 hrs/wk) (former)
    - Worked 20+ hrs/wk during school year throughout college to support oneself and 40+ hrs/wk during the summers at service jobs (hostessing, retail, etc.)

    - Biochemistry Research: Peroxidases and Enzyme Prodrug Cancer Therapy
    ~ Departmental Research Paper
    - Anthropology Research: White-tailed Deer Experimental Stone-Tool Butchery
    ~ Poster Presentation at two conferences

    - Shadowed Several Physicians (Medical Oncologist, Urological Surgeon, etc.) (50+ hours)
    - Took Intro to Clinical Medicine which was VERY informative about medicine today and allowed us to meet with and/or shadow a physician in a different specialty each week
    - Various scholarships and awards, the norm

    - Piano for 10+ years
    - Martial Arts
    - Making/Selling Jewelry
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Computing and Information Science
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 509
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 128, CARS 126  
    • Overall GPA: 3.80
    • Science GPA: 3.64

    Summary of Application Experience

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    06/12/08: AMCAS Received UW-Madison Transcript
    06/17/08: AMCAS Received Johns Hopkins University SOM Transcript
    06/27/08: AMCAS Received UW-Milwaukee Transcript
    06/29/08: Submitted Primary to AMCAS
    07/10/08: Received and submitted NYMC & GWU secondaries, LORs are on their way!
    07/15/08: Received Dartmouth and Boston U Secondaries, sent out LORs.
    07/18/08: Finally verified! Submitted U of Rochester Secondary.
    07/21/08: Received & Submitted MCW and SUNY Buffalo Secondaries; received Rosalind Franklin, U of Illinois, Michigan State, and U of Wisconsin Secondaries.
    07/22/08: Submitted U of Wisconsin Secondary, received and submitted SUNY Upstate Secondary and was marked Complete at NYMC.
    07/24/08: Received Tufts, Georgetown, and Creighton Secondaries by clicking 'Forgot Password?'. I now have 12 essays to write.
    07/25/08: Complete at George Washington.
    07/28/08: Submitted Rosalind Franklin Secondary and AMCAS LOE marked received.
    07/29/08: Complete at U of Wisconsin and SUNY Upstate; submitted Tufts Secondary.
    07/30/08: Submitted Georgetown Secondary (1:00am), complete at Georgetown, U of Rochester, and Boston U.
    07/31/08: Submitted Creighton Secondary.
    08/01/08: Submitted Secondary and Complete at MSU.
    08/02/08: Sent my U of Illinois Secondary.
    08/04/08: Send Info for Rush Secondary, still need to finish online portion.
    08/05/08: Complete at Creighton.
    08/06/08: Interview Invite! GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY! This was unexpected because they get so many applications, but I am very grateful and excited : )
    08/07/08: Complete at Tufts and SUNY Buffalo
    08/09/08: Submitted and Complete at Rush.
    08/11/08: Received and Submitted Drexel Secondary.
    08/13/08: Interview Invite to NEW YORK MEDICAL COLLEGE!!! I used to live about 20 minutes away from this school : ) Complete at Rosalind Franklin and U of Illinois.
    08/14/08: Received Loyola Secondary.
    08/19/08: Complete at Drexel.
    08/25/08: Finally received my last secondary, Minnesota. Now I really need to stop procrastinating and finish this one and Loyola...
    08/27/08: First rejection - Boston University :(
    09/03/08: In the Interview Poll for MCW and got a Pre-interview Hold from SUNY Upstate.
    09/08/08: Finally finished Loyola Secondary and it has been mailed.
    09/12/08: Rejected from Georgetown - at least they sent it on letterhead.
    09/19/08: Just finished my GWU Interview and I *think* it went well (I'll find out in a couple of weeks). I was nervous for the first interview with the faculty member, but we did end up having a good conversation, I just don't think I got across all the points I wanted to make about myself. The second interview with the student was fantastic; we really seemed to hit it off (the student was probably someone I would be good friends with), had a great conversation that I think even went over the time. I was impressed by the school and it fits well with my goals and interests. So we'll see in a couple of weeks...fingers crossed.
    09/26/08: I got an email from Rosalind Franklin saying that I passed initial screening and am in the small pool to potentially be interviewed. Interview Invite for U of WISCONSIN!
    10/01/08: Complete at Loyola.
    10/03/08: Had interview at NYMC, the interviewer said they were recommending me for acceptance, so that is a good sign, but in the end it is the committee's decision. They said we'd hear a decision probably in December...such a long time... I recommend staying with the student host to anyone because that gave me the best feel for the school I thought. Pretty campus.
    10/07/08: Interview Invite for MEDICAL COLLEGE of WISCONSIN!!! My top choice!
    11/1/08: It's been a long time since I have heard any news from schools...
    11/14/08: Accepted at MCW!!!

    Total Cost:

    Primary: $700
    GWU Secondary: $125
    NYMC Secondary: $100
    U of Rochester Secondary: $75
    Dartmouth Secondary: $85
    Boston U Secondary: $100
    MCW Secondary: $70
    SUNY Buffalo Secondary: $65
    Rosalind Franklin Secondary: $100
    U of Wisconsin Secondary: $45
    SUNY Upstate Secondary: $100
    MSU Secondary: $60
    Georgetown Secondary: $130
    Tufts Secondary: $105
    Creighton Secondary: $95
    U of Illinois Secondary: $70
    Rush Secondary: $75
    Drexel Secondary: $75
    Loyola Secondary: $70
    Minnesota: $75

    = $2420

    Application Complete

    Dartmouth College
    University of Rochester
    SUNY Buffalo
    Rosalind Franklin University
    Michigan State University
    University of Illinois
    SUNY Upstate
    Tufts University
    Creighton University
    Rush Medical College
    Drexel University
    Loyola University Chicago
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Boston University
    Georgetown University

    Attended Interview

    George Washington University
    University of Wisconsin


    New York Medical College
    Medical College of Wisconsin

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