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  • Application cycles: 2007
  • Demographics: Female, Caucasian
  • Home state: New York
  • Brief Profile: some stuff im pretty proud of. will elaborate at end of cycle.

    R - Received Secondary
    S - Submitted Secondary
    C - Application Complete
    I - Interview Invite Receipt
    D - Date Interviewed
    A - Acceptance Date
    W - Waitlist Date
    O - Withdraw Date
    X - Rejection Date
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2007

    • Undergraduate college: Columbia University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Engineering/Technology
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 516
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 130, CARS 129  
    • Overall GPA: 3.51
    • Science GPA: 3.46

    Summary of Application Experience

    Okay since I confirmed my list of schools with my pre-med advisor, I decided to take note of my process for my own sake lol.

    05.21 - requested my transcripts be sent to AMCAS from my 2 schools

    06.04 - emailed my undergrad transcript received! still waiting on the summer transcript. I'm working hard on my PS, and then I am ready to submit my AMCAS!!

    06.07 - emailed that the summer transcript has been received! PS is near completion. I'm anticipating AMCAS submission by early/mid next week.

    06.16 - took a little longer than expected, and after many many proofreads... AMCAS APPLICATION SUBMITTED!!! (good luck to meeee!)

    06.20 - AMCAS application verified. here we gooo...

    06.22 - Secondary season has begun! I have started to send the ones I'm getting in... (please see above for detailed dates...)

    07.08 - I have reached the halfway mark in terms of secondaries received and sent. All to date have been sent. I'm just waiting for my committee letter to be written and received to complete my file at these schools, but I don't think that will be until August at the earliest... grr.

    07.31 - Only left with 2 more secondaries that need to be received and submitted. I am a little frustrated, because even though I am almost done with my part of the application process, my committee letter is holding up my completion, review, etc. I think I just need to reassure myself with the fact that the my undergrad's acceptance rate is something ridiculously high for those who go through the PAC... I just wish I could fast forward!

    08.22 - That last secondary was a killer, but now I have finished up every one of my secondaries!! It's all out of my hands now! Unfortunately, I'm still very frustrated with the fact that my committee evaluation has yet to be uploaded. Sigh, and it truly does not help that half of my schools have begun to give out interviews. :( I'm hoping for the best though!

    09.04 - WOO HOO!! My committee letter has finally been uploaded to VirtualEvals. Now time to spastically check my status and wait for interviews *crosses fingers*

    09.07 - first interview invite from STONY BROOK!! omg im peeing in my pants. they were quick and seriously have made me so giddy!! :D

    09.17 - had to email a few schools about my status since they did not send me the complete email. definitely a good idea since i heard back from 2 of them within a few hours. but where are my interviews homey?

    09.20 - OMG ROCHESTER via status page. I was so confused and thought they screwed up that I called to double check lol.

    09.26 - YALE OMGOMGOMG. they must be smoking something in new haven, i def dont even get close to their median stats. my why yale essay might have convinced them though, it was pretty good!

    09.27 - stony brook interview today went well i think, but i really liked the school and the people a whole lot.. let the waiting begin. also, i was pleasantly surprised to come home to a downstate invite!

    09.28 - what i thought was a hardcore longshot, in a late night (7pm) thriller: HOPKINS INVITE!! my recs must say everything i touch turns to gold b/c there is no effing way i deserve this! i am so honored, but they scheduled me 10/26 and i have rochester that date. sorry we need to reschedule. oh boy oh boy

    10.09 - i wanted another interview close to home and i got it! aecom showed me some love with an invite today! i am psyched!

    10.12 - hectic week.. but i'm back from the yale and hopkins interviews. they went well i guess, though i can't truly gage my performance on these things, so i just don't even bother with it lol. i liked both schools in general, though both def also had their downsides. yale i need to wait for march, hopkins for end of november. hopefully i will hear from stony brook on monday with good news so i can withdraw from some of these schools! i'm starting to realize i may have applied to too many.. oops.

    10.13 - MY 1ST REJECTION! good-bye gtown. it's cool, i just wasn't that into you. haha on the real tip, it was dated 10/9 but i just received it via snail mail. i can't say i'm too phased by it after receiving 7 interviews from other schools and knowing that they get a plethora of apps. oh well georgetown, your loss. peaaaace

    10.15 - called Stony Brook b/c i couldnt stand to wait aaaand... I'M IN!! I'M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR!!!

    10.28 - have just returned from Downstate and Rochester. I really really liked Rochester, the school seems great. Downstate was nice too, but we'll just have to see. In other news, I'm on major interview invite hiatus. I just want more love from my hometown... NYC where you at?

    10.31 - happy halloween! nyc subways are full of more freaks than usual tonight, so i had an interesting return from syracuse. my Upstate interview went fine, and the the area around it is simply gorgeous. i had a great time. p.s. their waiting area was so cushy, it was amazing!

    11.02 - I decided to withdraw from NYMC, Albany, Drexel, and Jefferson. I wasnt feeling nymc and albany, especially holding an acceptance at stony brook, which is way cheaper and i feel better suited for me. As for the other 2, I just don't want to live in Philly so I really have no clue why i applied. oh well, good luck everyone else.

    11.07 - well i just got home from my last scheduled interview at Einstein. I absolutely loved it. The apartments were awesome, the anatomy lab was great, i truly loved the school. AS for my interview, hmm.. well, we'll see. I had an interviewer with a 'dry sense of humor' who came with that warning ahead of time and I don't know if we truly got each other. hohum...

    11.20 - my lull has been broken with the inevitable rejection from hopkins. i mean i saw it coming, my faculty interview was terrible and my stats were not up to snuff. it was fun interviewing there, but really the place was not for me and i secretly knew that. sad day. maybe i can have some good news soon?

    11.26 - and the hits keep coming... waitlisted at rochester. hohum. i really liked it there so i guess this is better than a rejection. i just hate this waiting. i feel myself building towards good news soon! stay positive!

    12.12 - my cousin's 'baby magic' (she's pregnant) wore off while i was with her! accepted to upstate! and in the sweetest way possible! i got a call from an adcom who really felt a connection to me because of a similar background and he wanted to congratulate me! i thought it was so nice! then an hour later i got the official call and i was still excited! woo hoo! hurray for the holiday season!

    12.13 - this baby magic stuff is great. right when i thought my season was over, i got a snail mail invite from dartmouth dated 12.11! i am so pumped. i need to check my work schedule and i need to prepare and i need to see how i'm going to get there and omg how much more this is going to cost me! yaaaay, after 3 months of being complete! yayayayayayay!

    12.21 - hurray! my state schools love me! i just received the letter from downstate congratulating me on my acceptance today (dated 12.12) and i cannot happier! 3 acceptances so far and this is totally going to be the best christmas ever!


    01.17 - my dartmouth interview went well. i liked the school. new hampshire is so pretty and the cold is manageable in my opinion. we shall see. the trip up there via bus is so NOT recommended. i should have driven.. anyhoo, they take a while to get back to applicants, so im not holding my breath...

    02.02 - financial aid stuff truly sucks. i need to figure out where i'm going b/c i want to plan my summer vacay lol

    02.21 - gw gave me the pseudo-reject.. they aren't interviewing anymore, but they might interview very very few people later in the season? wtf. just reject me! this is ridiculous!

    02.26 - let the rejections rain. finally tossed by cornell. going into this, that was my top choice... and uh, yeah. whatever, i braced myself for this.

    03.04 - interview for buffalo? lol they just remembered me? well, i thought about it really hard and i'm going to decline. it's too late and it's too far (i.e. too expensive). keep the hope you guys, you can still get invites for interview after being complete for SIX months!!

    03.05 - nyu rejection dated 03.03. ehhhh, i made fun of you too much in undergrad to ever let myself go here anyhoo lol

    03.07 - columbia rejection dated 03.04. yeah i'm glad my alma mater loves me too! thaaaanks.

    03.19 - waitlist from yale postmarked 03.14... i'll take it! i'm still honored that they like me enough for that! i'll wait, i don't mind... i'm just gonna live on a prayer for now. (insert bon jovi here)

    03.26 - token hahvahd rejection in the mail. and my finaid package from upstate came in. i'm confused. clearly i'm not as smart as i thought...

    03.31 - the big no from tufts. exciting.

    04.09 - dartmouth waitlist. hmmm, im thinking. this app season is wrapping up, so im considering some serious things.

    04.14 - rejection mount sinai. who cares though? MY COUSIN HAD HER BABY!!! woo hoo for some joy in my life!! what a shocker, life does not revolve around getting into med school...

    04.25 - going to church this week gave me some clarity. i withdrew from everywhere except einstein. and i'm only staying on the yale waitlist. that's it. so i will be going to einstein more than likely. if i get into yale, i'll reconsider that statement. wow. this is almost over. i need to plan my summer vacay! WOO HOO!

    08.12 - back from eurotrip 2008 and starting at einstein next week! i just could not be happier!!

    kaplan course: $1800
    mcat: $210
    suit: $270
    AMCAS app: $760
    secondaries: $1895
    interviews: $1080
    TOTAL COST: $6015

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Tufts University
    Cornell University
    Harvard University
    New York University
    Columbia University
    Georgetown University
    George Washington University
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Albany Medical College
    Jefferson Medical College
    Drexel University
    New York Medical College

    Attended Interview, Rejected

    Johns Hopkins University

    Attended Interview, Withdrew

    SUNY Buffalo

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

    Yale University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    Dartmouth College
    University of Rochester


    Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University
    SUNY Upstate
    SUNY Downstate
    SUNY Stony Brook

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