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MD Applicants

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  • User #6750

  • Application cycles: 2006
  • Demographics: Male, Caucasian
  • Home state: New Brunswick
  • Last Active: 04/29/2019
  • Brief Profile: Hobbies:
    Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Film, Exercising, ...

    Hospital Meal Assistant Volunteer [3 Years]
    Learning Disabilities Tutor [2 Years]

    Dean's List (Faculty of Science) [3 Years]
    Canadian Virtual Science Fair Magna Cum Laude Award
    Saint Mary's University Entrance Scholarship
    Saint Mary's University Academic Achievement Scholarship [3 Years]
    Irish Canadian Cultural Association of New Brunswick Bursary
    South Eastern Mutual Scholarship
    Barbara & Henry Reardon Family Scholarship
    Saint Mary's University Alumni Trust Scholarship
    Saint Mary's University Gold Medal, Faculty of Science
    Summa Cum Laude
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2006

    • Undergraduate college: Saint Mary's University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 519
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 130, C/P 130, CARS 129  
    • Overall GPA: 4.23
    • Science GPA: 4.29

    Summary of Application Experience

    I'm glad that the MCAT is over - four months of my life that I'll never get back. I'll find out soon enough though whether it was all worth while.

    As far as the application process goes, the hardest part was finding time to write all of the essays required on the secondaries. I'm only applying to two schools, as you can see, so that might hurt my chances of getting accepted. I'm determined to stay within Atlantic Canada though, and I don't want to compromise on this.

    If I don't get in this year though - I'll reapply all across Canada next time around, and if I have to (I pray to God I don't!) I'll rewrite the MCAT to get a better score.

    Thanks a lot, and leave comments if you like.


    Well, the MCAT turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I knew that I had done well on PS and BS, but I was expecting 5 - 8 on VR. I guess it's just one less thing to worry about.


    A couple of people have asked about the > 4.0 GPA; my school gives an A+ a value of 4.3, so it just means I've got a lot of A+'s.


    I'm getting anxious to hear back from the schools I applied to about interviews - I got an email from Dalhousie the other day congratulating me on being complete, so at least I know my email works. =]


    I'm happy to say that I received an interview from both of the schools I applied to. I received an email from Dalhousie on the 18th telling me my interview was scheduled for the 20th of January, and I received a call from Memorial on the 19th telling me my interview was scheduled for the 26th of January. It was a long six years wait for these invitations, but it was well worth it. I hope everyone else's application cycle is going just as well. Merry Christmas!


    I had my interview at Dalhousie yesterday, and it was a great experience. Overall, I think that the interview went well - but, I guess I'll know soon enough whether my impressions were right. The staff, students, and other interviewees were all great - I'm in love with this place, and there is nowhere I'd rather go. After the interview, some of the first year students took us on a tour of the medical facilities - it looks great. Oh, and also, I wrote a list of the questions I was asked... well, as best as I can remember them:

    Pretend that you?re a family physician? a sixty year old woman comes to you ? she would like to have a baby, and she would like for you to recommend her to a fertility clinic. How do you handle this situation?

    Privatization of health care in Canada has become a big issue. What are the advantages and disadvantages of privatized health care?

    Pretend that you?re a family physician in a remote place? for example? the Northwest Territories? how do you offer care, given the lack of proper funding or equipment?

    Thinking ahead forty years, when you look back on your medical career ? what do you want to see, or be known for?

    How will you manage your professional life, the needs of your patients, and the needs of your family?

    What is the role of information technology in healthcare today?

    How would your family and friends describe you? What about your enemies?

    You say you enjoy boxing? who are your favourite boxers, and what are some of your favourite fights?

    What are you passionate about?

    Pretend you?re in a case study with a group of eight people? two of them are over ? bearing ? almost bullying the group? how do you handle this situation?

    How do you want your patients to describe you?

    You were a learning disabilities tutor? talk about some of the things you did while you were there.

    Listening is an important skill? give us some examples of how your past experiences have shaped your ability as a listener.

    Do you treat a disease, or do you work to prevent a disease?

    Treating patients is only a part of a physician?s work? what else do they have to do?

    These might not be like... verbatim wordings... but they're pretty close! Good luck to everyone else applying there - damn, it's such a nice place! =]


    Memorial... ah. It was a nice school. The other people interviewing were really nice - actually saw someone who went to high school with me, which was great. Everything was rolling along, and then... the interview. The first like third of it... ouch. I don't know if one of the interviewers was trying to see how I handled people with difficult, pressing personalities, or whether I just suck, but this was not a good moment for me. LOL. Things got better for the last two thirds, but still... I don't think I did well on this. Hopefully my numbers will hold me up, but we'll see.


    After a lot of waiting... after a lot of self - doubt... I am going to Dalhousie! This was a difficult process... but, in the end, it was worth it... hard work and passion will get you into medicine - you don't need money, family connections, or anything else...


    Attended Interview, Rejected

    Memorial University of Newfoundland


    Dalhousie University

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