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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 2005
  • Demographics: Female, Caucasian
  • Home state: California
  • Brief Profile: clinical research (only 8 months at time of application, no papers at that time)
    2 years student-run clinic
    Peer educator for freshman in dorms (2 quarters)
    research assistant (6 months)
    hospital volunteer (2 quarters)
    honor society member (2 years)
    sorority, VP & pres (4 years)
    conference coordinator (job for 2 years)
    mental health intern (1 summer)
    Lots of volunteering in community
    Medical mission to africa (after submitting my app...)
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2005

    • Undergraduate college: University of California, Davis
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Institution: Southwest Minnesota State University
    • Area of Study: [missing]
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 509
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 126, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.81
    • Science GPA: 3.77

    Summary of Application Experience

    Well, it is an emotional process! I can not believe I have received a full-tuition scholarship to my top school! I am the luckiest girl on earth! (Although I've definitely been floating in the clouds these last few days...)

    A little bit about me: I'm originially from MN, my husband's family and my family all still live in MN. Although I LOVE california, my husband and I want to buy and house and start a family, so that was definitely a big consideration in my quest to find a medical school. I applied early - by July 1st my application was verified by AMCAS for 33 total schools and all was set. I got a little behind on secondaries because I went to Africa the beginning of Aug, but I had a dozen or so done before I left. I think I did apply to too many schools, but I REALLY wanted to make sure that I got in and it was really difficult to cut schools off my list (I wanted to be able to see the schools before I said I wouldn't want to go there...)

    I ended up getting a lot of interviews...and thankfully getting accepted to Loyola, one of my top choices, fairly early. A couple weeks later I was accepted to both U of MN campuses (Duluth was def not for me though.) I was able to cancel a lot of my interviews out East and save some money. Then, early Decemeber, out of the blue, I get a call from Mayo Medical School offering me an appointment!!! It's a miricle! I was award the Dean's Scholarship, meaning all tuition is paid. Hmmm...don't have to think about that one!

    Advice: Don't underestimate the importance of 1.) your personal statement 2.) an early application and 3.) strong LORs. You might think the last one is out of your control, but going above and beyond does make a difference if your app is borderline. I'm sure I wouldn't have had near the success if I failed to do these things. Finally....BE PASSIONATE about what you are doing or don't do it!

    To reply to some comments below: yes! i am definitely going to Mayo!!! Yes, there is much more to the application process even at top schools than numbers, so keep your head up! And yes, I am incredibly blessed to have been accepted where I was! Good luck to everyone!

    Applied, Withdrew

    Georgetown University
    Oregon Health & Science University

    Application Complete, Rejected

    University of Virginia

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Wake Forest University
    Yale University
    University of Colorado
    University of Iowa
    University of California, San Diego
    University of California, Davis
    Tufts University
    Tulane University
    Stanford University
    Pennsylvania State University
    Harvard University
    Drexel University
    Emory University
    Boston University
    Creighton University

    Attended Interview, Withdrew

    George Washington University
    University of Vermont
    Rush Medical College
    Saint Louis University
    Rosalind Franklin University
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Albany Medical College
    Dartmouth College
    University of Wisconsin

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    University of Chicago


    Loyola University Chicago
    University of Minnesota, Duluth
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    Northwestern University
    Mayo Medical School
    University of California, San Francisco

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