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Application Cycles: 7/21/2016
Demographics: Male, 21, Hispanic
Home State: Florida
Last Activity Date: 4/27/2017
SDN Handle: Nole22

Undergraduate College: Florida State Univ
Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

MCAT: BS 10, PS 10, VR 10, J
Overall GPA: 3.53
Science GPA: 3.50

Brief Profile:

AMCAS submitted: 7/21/2016

Applied, Rejected

Northwestern University - "Reach AF. Free secondary tho."

Application Complete

Attended Interview

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Florida State University - "Alma mater, nothing yet"
Albany Medical College - "First II! Nice school, had a great time, praying for 1st acceptance. Would gladly spend the next fou..."


University of Cincinnati - "II! 11/1- this was an amazing place. Praying for an acceptance!"

Summary of Application Experience

127 across the board for MCAT
7 IIs (Albany, TCMC, Cincy, FIU, FSU, GW, Creighton
5 wait lists (TCMC, FSU, FIU, Albany, GW) ,maybe i'm super awkward lol!
1 acceptance to Cincy, which is where i'm most likely matriculating.
1 acceptance off the wait list & TCMC, but withdrew