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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • TigerTigerTiger

  • Application cycles: 07/08/2015
  • Demographics: Male, 30, East Asian
  • Home state: Connecticut
  • Last Active: 07/27/2016

// Applications //

Application Cycle One: 07/08/2015

  • Undergraduate college: Princeton
  • Undergraduate Area of study: Engineering/Technology
  • Total MCAT SCORE: 517
  • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 130, C/P 130, CARS 127  
  • Overall GPA: 3.07
  • Science GPA: 2.81

Summary of Application Experience

Posting this to encourage other Princeton kids with bad grades.

I decided to seriously pursue medicine senior year, took an extra year of postbac bio/science classes at my home state school, and got 7 interviews at MD schools as an ORM male [granted, absolutely working my ass off for the last three years]. You can do it too.

The grades above were mine after graduating Princeton; I received a 3.94 in my postbac year over 32 credits, which boosted cGPA to 3.25 and sGPA to 3.5 (these were the scores on AMCAS).

Two pieces of advice: (1) submit early (2) write personalized follow-up letters around Thanksgiving if you haven't heard back from schools (connoting your specific interest in that school). 5 of my 7 IIs came in Dec/Jan.

Feel free to PM if interested.

Applied, Rejected

University of Miami
West Virginia University
Hofstra University
Wake Forest University
Temple University
Jefferson Medical College
Loyola University Chicago
Boston University
University of South Florida
University of Connecticut

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech Carilion

Accepted off Waitlist

Eastern Virginia Medical School
Drexel University


Tulane University

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