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  • Application cycles: 2005
  • Demographics: Male, 37, Caucasian
  • Home state: California
  • Last Active: 09/09/2009
  • Brief Profile: Shadowing in ER (my best experience and motivation for pursuing medicine), other clinical shadowing in ER, Otolaryngology, and Radiology. EMT certification, Health Intern at summer camp for disabled children for past 4 years, Clinical research study with Urologist, Member of various committees in Cal Poly\'s University Honors Program, Elementary school volunteer tutor. Crappy GPA still, but I\'m hoping that Georgetown\'s SMP will help with that, I\'ll just have to put in the work.
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2005

    • Undergraduate college: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Institution: Georgetown University
    • Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Degree Obtained: M.S.
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 509
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 127, CARS 126  
    • Overall GPA: 3.40
    • Science GPA: 3.25

    Summary of Application Experience

    And so begins another year of attempting to get into medical you can see, this year, I'm taking no prisoners.

    WARNING: This is sort of like my online diary/blog about my medical school application process. IMHO, it's pretty emotional, and not very helpful to another applicant, but if you are bored and want to read it, feel free to do so. :)

    Update 1- June 1

    Submitted my AMCAS today. Sad part is it's rather pointless, as the only thing schools will care about is my grades in the SMP, which won't start to come out until November. Hopefully though, this will encourage pre-interview holds as opposed to rejections. :)

    Update 2 - July 8

    My first secondary, from Georgetown, came yesterday. Ironically it will be the last one I submit as they have told us SMPers to wait until after we have been at Georgetown for a while to see what it's like. GWU and MCW sent me secondaries today via e-mail.

    Update 3 - July 14

    My first rejection! The University of Nebraska just e-mailed me today to say I wouldn't be getting a secondary. Eh, it's Nebraska, I didn't really want to live there anyhow. I only applied because it said they liked applicants from small towns, guess that only applies if it's a small town in Nebraska.

    Update 4 - August 9

    Well I've got about 30 secondaries to do now. I've finished some and partly finished others, but mostly I'm waiting on my last letter of recommendation.

    Update 5 - August 12

    On advice from SMP directors, decided to not submit apps to D.O. schools, at least not this year. I would definitely consider going to a D.O. school, as I do think their integrated approach is awesome, but I would like to have a better chance of getting the best residency possible (as I'm sure most people want) and I'm pretty sure I don't want to do primary care. Based on their advice, I also added Albany, Connecticut and UCSD to my list. I'm debating whether it's worth it to submit secondaries to Boston and Brown, it is highly unlikely I would get in to either of those.

    Update 6 - August 17

    Buried under a pile of secondaries. So many essays to write.

    Update 7 - September 1

    So I decided to add when I received secondaries, when I submitted them, and when I was complete. There is no news really, but somehow better organizing my profile makes it feel like there actually is. :) Please note that my letters of rec weren't sent out to schools until 8/17, because I was waiting on an updated letter, so that's why I'm only now starting to receive complete notices.

    Update 8 - September 11

    Got a rejection letter from the University of Wisconsin that said something to the effect of: 'You're out-of-state! What were you thinking applying here? Go away. Go on, get!' I liked how the ink on the letter was smeared too; I guess they just couldn't wait for the ink to dry before folding that baby and slapping it in an envelope.

    Loyola sent me a form letter that was marked 'XXX' next to 'Your file is complete and pending further review. Please do not send any additional material at this time.' I wonder if that means I'm 3 times as complete as the average applicant, or maybe I sent in the wrong picture. ;)

    Update 9 - September 12

    Wayne State Rejection, and Michigan State has decided to put me on pre-secondary hold, which I didn't even know existed. Don't all the medical schools fight over me at once now.

    Update 10 - September 28

    VCU sent me their famous vague status update email today. Well, actually there's two forms apparently, but mine was the vaguer. It simply said that they would like to consider my file for further review. Consider away VCU.

    Rosalind Franklin has put me in their possible interview pool again this year. While this means you have a decent chance of an interview, it is no where near an interview invite. Their e-mail says they put 1500-2000 applicants in this pool, and then interview about 600-700 of those people, so it gives you about a 1:2.5 chance of getting an interview.

    Update 11 - October 1

    Waaaahhhhoooooooo! My first interview! I am SO excited. :) GW here I come baby. And, conveniently, it's right across town.

    Update 12 - October 7

    Got a phone message from Albany telling me to call because the e-mail they sent had bounced back. I gave them a call and...I'm on hold. Oh well, I already have the GW invite, and I'd much rather go there than Albany so I'm not too worried about it. At least it's better than last year when they rejected me hardcore right after sending me that patient chart/brochure thingy.

    On an unrelated side note/rant, I would just like to say that someone at UC Davis must not like me very much. I mean, come on, UCI sent me a secondary instantly, and numbers wise they are very comparable. Also, I am from extreme Nor Cal , and a rural and underserved community (stuff UCD claims to emphasize). Is it asking the world to get a secondary? Sheesh.

    Update 13 - October 10

    So hilariously, it turns out I never submitted my Drexel secondary. Whoops! I found it all ready to go in its envelope jammed behind my printer. It's only two months late. Eek. Sorry Drexel, my bad. It's coming now. I did send you money and LORs already, that counts, right?

    Update 14 - October 16

    My second interview invite! Yay! I certainly wasn't expecting anymore at the moment, but I will certainly accept. It's at EVMS! Out of state too. :)

    Update 15 - October 21

    My interview at GW yesterday went fairly well I think, but then their interviews are known to be laid back. Faculty interviewer didn't really ask me any questions besides 'Where are you from?', and so we just chatted about this and that. It was kind of random. I'm not sure what to make of that. I really hope I get in, or at least put on the waitlist. GW is an awesome school!

    In the words of Homer Simpson: 'And now we play the waiting game...the waiting game sucks, let's play Hungry, Hungry Hippos!'

    Update 16 - October 23

    So this is a non sequitur, but I had this weird dream about EVMS the other night. I showed up for my interview and they said 'No, sorry we can't interview you today afterall. You can come back next Wednesday though.' and I was like 'But my hotel reservation is non-refundable, and I wanted to tour the children's hospital' (which they apparently only do on Friday). It was pretty random. Anyways, thanks for reading this drivel.

    Update 17- November 15

    I called Rosalind Franklin to check my status. Katherine answered again (like last year). I asked to check my status and she sounded surprised 'You're in the possible interview pool?'. That's right...I'm back!. Muhahaha. ;)

    Oh yes, and still no invite.

    Update 18 - November 18

    Interviewed at EVMS today. I liked it a lot actually. So much so that I would have a hard time deciding between here and GW (if I am fortunate enough to have that choice). It was kind of strange though because they are known for stress interviews, but the interviewers all seemed quite friendly and gave me a lot of positive feedback. I guess that's a good sign? Only time will tell.

    Update 19 - November 28

    Waiting and waiting. I'm so anxious to hear back from EVMS and GW! Did I mention the waiting? I think I did, but just to be sure: WAITING! Aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

    Update 20 - December 2

    I called Eastern Virginia, and I was waitlisted. I thought my interview went so well too. It's hard to imagine how it could have gone better, so I guess it's being out of state? Still, they said I'm in the upper 1/3, so I guess there's still hope. I will just put my nose to the grind stone in the SMP, and put my faith in God that He will guide me to where I need to be next year.

    Part 2: More news today. Continue to review from Penn State. It's just been a: 'Well, I guess that's better than a rejection' sort of day. And to quote the letter: 'Please know that this is a common action, and that your application is still under active review by the Admissions Committee'. Notice, however, that they didn't say getting an acceptance, or even an interview, after this is commmon. You know Penn State, rejections are a common thing too, so I am not very comforted by this statement. :P

    Update 21 - December 3

    Wow, yet another update. Alternate letter from GW. They are such a competitive school, I am grateful to have even gotten this far. I'm glad I didn't find out about both EVMS and GW in the same day (EVMS' letter came today too).

    And guess what...THE WAITING CONTINUES!!!

    Update 22 - December 14

    UC Davis rejection. :(, but not unexpected. I also smell imminent rejection from UCSD and OHSU.

    In news from the other end of the country (which I'm liking more and more by the day), Vermont has apparently put me in some kind of possible interview pool. They said there's actually a good chance I'll be getting an interview there. I had to call and ask though, the website status page didn't say anything about it. Did I mention how much I love maple syrup? Well I do.

    Update 23 - December 17

    Realized that I *may* in fact be a little over involved with SDN while talking to my little bro on the phone:

    Brother: 'So what are you up to?'
    Me: 'I'm student-doctoring.'
    Brother: 'Oh smokin' the crack pipe, huh?'

    It's so true.

    Update 24 - December 18

    Interview #3. Virginia Commonwealth University. A nice early Christmas present: hope anew for a medical school acceptance before summer. :)

    Update 25 - January 3

    A flurry of negative activity in 2006 so far:

    Rejection from U of Oklahoma (no surprise there).

    Delayed rejection from OHSU (I called since it had been 12+ weeks and they told me I'm in the non-acceptance pool [or something like that], which definitely doesn't sound like a good place to be).

    UCSD's status check website says they have sent my final decision letter, and since I didn't get a secondary, I'm pretty sure what that means (and it took them about 2 weeks longer to tell me this year than last year).

    And a hold from UCI. Interesting that I went directly from 'Pending Review' to 'On Hold', without any 'Review in progress' time. Guess they didn't need much time to decide on that one. How can my true love school be so cold? *Runs away sobbing* (j/k).

    Update 26 - January 25

    Tulane! I've never been to New Orleans. The school sounds great. Really close knit, especially post-hurricane. I'm very excited.

    Hmm, they seem to love me in the South. Maybe I should have tried a few more southern schools. :)

    Update 27 - February 22

    Ooh look, another waitlist. From Tulane. I am so almost acceptable to medical schools. Actually, this isn't as bad as I thought after the interview I had with one of the interviewers there.

    But don't the medical schools understand how much this is physically hurting me with the stress? Do I get to be a doctor or not? Guess I'll just have to wait some more to find out. Waiting. Waiting. How about now? Nope. Waiting. Waiting...

    So in addition to that waiting, I'm still waiting to see if VCU is going to reject me right away, or put me on their waitlist (because the Dean basically told us OOS people to expect to be waitlisted). I'm also still waiting to see if Vermont is going to interview me or not. I think I'll call them now and bug them some more.

    WAITING!!! *Implodes from the stress*

    Update 28 - February 24

    Received an interview invite from the Medical University of Ohio today. Very unexpectedly too. I submitted my secondary way late there. It is so funny how all of my invites have come when I totally wasn't expecting them. Guess it's the teakettle phenomenon. Anyhoo, I'm finally breaking into the midwest. Watch out. :)

    Update 29 - February 27

    Rejected from UVM today via snail mail. I thought I had a good shot at an interview there. I've been in their possible interview pool for like 2 months now. I called them several times. I sent a letter of interest. The nice lady who answers the phone sounded pretty optimistic when I talked to her only last week, and encouraged me to keep calling as often as 'every two weeks'. You don't think she could have actually known, and was enjoying tormenting me, do you? No, I don't think so. But I do think I'm just getting a little paranoid from dealing with this process for the majority of the past two years.

    Still, I guess this is as good a time as any to get the rejection as the MUO invite helps to off set the pain. I also got a free pass to any US Airways aiport club in the country from my credit card company. The day is not a total loss. :) Still a little sad though, I was really interested in UVM. My online application status page is still blissfully ignorant of the whole situation.

    Update 30 - March 7

    Called EVMS to check if I was still in the top 1/3 of the waitlist. I'm not. I've been bumped down into the middle 1/3. Crap on a stick. Is anyone ever going to let me into medical school? Pretty please? No? *sigh*.

    Update 31 - March 16

    Rejected from UMDNJ yesterday, and Loma Linda today. This means that UC Irvine will have the distinct honor of being the last California school to reject me.

    Update 32 - March 23

    Whoa! MUO was awesome! And therefore, Toledo is awesome by association. Oh yes, and I ate at White Castle for the first time. Yes it was good, but In N' Out is better. California proves its superiority once again. At least for hamburgers. Well, and weather.

    MUO's philosophy seems like a perfect match for me. Interviewing there and talking with the students and faculty made me feel all excited about being a doctor again, which the seemingly endless waiting had been taking a severe toll on my life.

    On a side note, rejection from Northwestern. They sent it to my old address, even though AMCAS has had my current one since last summer. Hmm, I wonder when the decision to reject me was made...

    Update 33 - March 28

    Who leaves a SPAM comment? Honestly! You fight like a woman!

    Part B: UC Irvine rejection today. My request to be reconsidered for an interview was DENIED. Not nearly as torn up about it as I was last year though. I guess that means good-bye Golden State, maybe I'll see you again for residency. Come on other schools, get your California rejects while they're hot. Still plenty of good applicants available for the accepting!

    Update 34 - April 3

    So, it turns out my SMP cohort is an especially brainy one, and this year you needed a 3.7 to get an interview (apparently it's usually around 3.5), and so no soup for me. It's really okay though, I know Georgetown is not the school for me anyway. The basic science years are a real trial by fire, and there's this prevailing environment of competitiveness instead of the focus being on learning to be a doctor, IMHO.

    It is funny how different Georgetown and GW are being that the two schools are so close to each other geographically and numbers-wise. GW seems so much more relaxed and also seems to put much more emphasis on training its students to be well-rounded doctors. After much thought, I have decided that GW is indeed my top choice. Not that I wouldn't be honored and thrilled by an acceptance to any of my 5 possibilities, but I can only attend one school. I sure hope they'll let me in. I have a good feeling about it, but the stress of waiting is getting oppressive these days.

    Update 35 - April 13

    Rejected from Penn State yesterday. And RFU a while back. Add UCI to that, and basically, 'hold' = 'delayed rejection'. Waiting for Albany to go ahead and reject me again too. I'm anxiously awaiting for post-May 15th when the waitlists will have some significant movement (at least I hope so). Yeah, nothing really clever to add at this point in time.

    Part dos:

    Email I received today entitled: 'Information for Accepted Applicants'


    Information for Accepted Applicants has been made available on the Georgetown University School of Medicine Admissions web page, (right column). Please watch for additional links (information on NetID and passwords, orientation schedule, class schedule, etc.) to be added as we proceed toward Registration/Orientation on Tuesday, August 8th.

    Best wishes.

    Office of Admissions
    Georgetown University School of Medicine

    Yank! Yank! Georgetown finds a new way to add stress to my life by rattling my chain just that little bit more. The really sad part was that there was this tiny little moment of glee where I thought I had been accepted to medical school. People (specifically people employed by Georgetown's office of admissions) should really proofread who they are sending what information to, especially when sending out such heart attack generating material.

    Update 36 - April 19

    I am now 5/5 for waitlists. I feel so...mediocre. I guess I am glad I still have a chance, but I keep hearing these horror stories about people on multiple waitlists that didn't get in. I'm trying to stay positive. I was pretty much expecting a waitlist from MUO as the morning presentation that day reeked of waitlist, but it would have been so nice (obviously) just to get in. MUO says they'll tell me my exact position on their alternate list in May. I kind of like the different systems at the different schools though, it makes things interesting and keeps me on my toes. Seriously.

    In other news, Wright State rejected me. It was definitely the most unique rejection I've received, as they sent it to my parents address in a 8.5' by 11' envelope, and (as my mom informs me, hi mom!) was actually hand signed. Who sends a rejection in a big envelope? I feel kind of bad though, because I accidentally didn't send in my Georgetown update letter to them back in January. I also didn't send it to Temple. Oh well, hopefully it won't matter too much.

    Update 37 - April 21

    So my excuse for updating is an e-mail rejection from SLU. Last year, they sent me an actual letter, but it was sometime in like May or June. or July. But mostly I just wanted to share this philosophical gem:

    I had never before seen the cultural melting-pot that is the US in action so clearly as I did last night. Having a 6-year little black boy call me, his devoted tutor for the past several months, 'boob sweat' was a unique experience in my life. At first, I dismissed it, but then after he proceeded to do the whole 'this is the mommy, and this is the baby. And they hold hands, because they're friends' thing, I realized that his personal diva was none other than Mary-Catherine Gallagher of Superstar fame. Later, at home, I laughed until it hurt. Kids are so great.

    Update 38 - May 18

    So still no acceptances yet, but lots of speculation and alternating hope and despair as to the possibility of actually getting an acceptance. Mostly it's still hope right now, but there's this annoying nagging feeling that I won't get in and I will just keep reapplying and keep not getting in, and never be a doctor. Okay, can't think like that. Must stay positive!

    As for positive things (or at least potentially positive things) when I called EVMS yesterday they said I was in the top third again, so maybe there is still hope there afterall. In addition, VCU's waitlist seems to be moving right along so that is also good news (I love VCU!). And GW's waitlist is at least moving somewhat, unlike last year where there was apparently almost no movement.

    One not so good thing is that I found out I am in the middle third of the waitlist at MUO, and the lady on the phone said something to the effect of 'Yeah, you might try calling us back in a month or so to see if we will be going that far down on the waitlist.' I take that to mean chances are not so great that they will. Also not so good is that Tulane's class is very full, so there probably will be little or no movement there.

    All it takes is one! Come on waitlists, get/keep moving!

    Update 39 - June 20

    I was accepted to GW today. There just aren't words. Well, maybe one: Hallelujah!

    Okay a few more: Miracles are real. I'm gonna be a doctor!!! Yay. Yay. YAY!!!

    Update 40 - June 26

    So I thought I would write a little more now that the news has sunk in a little bit. I am just so amazed and grateful that I got in. I really had a lot of people who were supporting me along the way and it was wonderful to finally be able to say 'I got in! I'm gonna be a doctor!' Of course, most of them were like 'See, I knew that you'd get in.' Yeah, easy to say that now. lol.

    I am thrilled to be starting at GW this fall. Go Colonials! I never thought I would get into such an awesome school. I hoped and prayed that I would of course, but I'm still sort of surprised. I guess that some schools really do look beyond your numbers. Now if only *I* could look beyond the number of 42,000, which is what GW costs per year in tuition alone. Still, I know in my heart that it'll be worth it.

    Update 41 - August 27

    My final update.

    I am now at GW...and I love it! Okay, so I've only been here about two weeks, but I can tell this is where I was meant to be. I'm really excited to be learning how to be a doctor at such an awesome school. GW really cares that the docs they turn out will take good care of their patients, and I think that's a key principle for any school to keep in mind. Only negative I can think of is the long days, but hey, medical knowledge doesn't learn itself! I'm looking forward to seeing how this four year long adventure will turn out...and maybe Hmm? :)

    Keep the faith everybody!

    P.S. Never did get that Jefferson rejection. :)

    Applied, Rejected

    University of Wisconsin
    Wake Forest University
    University of California, San Diego
    University of California, Davis
    Wayne State University
    University of Nebraska
    Michigan State University

    Applied, Withdrew

    University of Maryland
    Brown University
    Rush Medical College
    University of Illinois
    Boston University
    University of Connecticut

    Application Complete, Rejected

    University of Southern California
    University of Cincinnati
    Ohio State University
    University of Oklahoma
    UMDNJ - New Jersey
    Northwestern University
    Temple University
    Tufts University
    Jefferson Medical College
    Loyola University Chicago
    New York Medical College
    Saint Louis University
    Loma Linda University
    Georgetown University
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Rosalind Franklin University
    Pennsylvania State University
    Wright State University
    Albany Medical College
    Oregon Health & Science University
    Creighton University
    Drexel University
    University of Vermont
    University of California, Irvine

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    Tulane University
    University of Toledo

    Accepted off Waitlist

    George Washington University

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