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MD Applicants

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  • RaiderMagic11

  • Application cycles: 06/14/2014
  • Demographics: Male, 29, Caucasian
  • Home state: Texas
  • Last Active: 03/03/2015

// Applications //

Application Cycle One: 06/14/2014

  • Undergraduate college: State University
  • Undergraduate Area of study: Premedical Studies
  • Total MCAT SCORE: 505
  • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 127, CARS 124  
  • Overall GPA: 3.90
  • Science GPA: 3.80

Summary of Application Experience

(No writing section on 2014 MCAT)

After searching this site for help before my application cycle, I wanted to show others how holistic the admissions process truly is. Even with a lower MCAT score, an acceptance is still possible! You can absolutely make up for mere stats with the rest of your application, so I encourage you to do so and APPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Though the application cycle has been pretty successful so far and I applied early, if I could go back - I would submit my application even earlier (on the first day it was available). I truly think this is a huge reason for my success so far as I have received interview invites from 12 out of 16 schools so far - and it's clearly not for my MCAT score. Countless times I heard the advice of needing to apply early, and I can't stress enough the importance of it. Do everything you can to submit your application on day 1, and submit secondaries within 1-2 days of receiving them and it will help you tremendously.

Good luck!

Probably my favorite curriculum - awesome class and exam schedule, though students either love or hate the required PBL, easily the school with the most laid back atmosphere in TX, students all agree they have plenty of time outside of school. The only reason this school isn't easily my #1 choice is Galveston. Coming from a big city and after speaking with many students there....there's nothing to do in Galveston, city is pretty run down, buildings/classrooms seem outdated. As A&M and TT Lubbock, about half of UTMB's class splits up after year 2 to Austin or Houston. I asked plenty of students what they do outside of school and the only thing they really said was "well Houston is an hour away," so that's disappointing, since I loved the school otherwise.

UT Houston:
All I can say is that the school and opportunity to rotate/research in the TMC is absolutely amazing. I think most would agree on that, but also the huge downside is obviously the curriculum and exam schedule for most people. Like mentioned in the post above, if you can get the same degree and (generally) the same opportunities at any school - why put yourself through way more stress doing it with such an unfortunate curriculum? Future students applying here are very lucky haha.

Texas A&M:
I interviewed in B/CS so I can't speak about Scott and White, though I hear it's amazing and is a top 15 teaching hospital in the country. A&M is growing rapidly and seemed the friendliest of any school I interviewed at - all their facilities in B/CS are new and top notch - and class of 2019 is getting a brand new anatomy lab building. Switching to 1.5 year preclinical/2.5 year clinical curriculum and has a good class/exam schedule. By far my favorite thing is the fact that the class spends year 1 in B/CS before choosing to spend years 2-4 in Dallas, Houston, Round Rock, Temple, or remain in B/CS - 3 of those cities A&M rotates at have the best hospitals in Texas, which I think would be huge for rotation experience/residency apps. It's unfortunate that the class gets split up between 30-50 at each site, though the ability to spend 3 years at the TMC without UTH's curriculum would be pretty amazing. Similar to Tech Lubbock, you have access to all of A&M's undergrad facilities - rec center, sporting events, libraries, etc.

Texas Tech Lubbock:
Along with A&M, TTL was extremely friendly and welcoming. Their facilities were very nice - and the attached UMC hospital seemed like it had good opportunities for students early on. I actually don't mind Lubbock at all, though since almost half their class splits between Amarillo, Permian Basin, and Lubbock, 2/3 of the rotation cities are pretty suspect, and it's a bit worrisome to see that UMC - where most students rotate at - was ranked as one of the worst teaching hospitals in the entire country. Curriculum/exam schedule is great here as well. Along with A&M, you have access to all of TT's undergrad facilities which is a huge plus!

Texas Tech Foster:
I think most people would agree that Foster surprised them immensely. The students seemed to love their time there and had plenty of time outside of school - similar to UTMB. The facilities and sim center are top notch - along with their extremely unique and awesome curriculum style. I think this shows with the success their students already have on board exams - their USMLE Step 1 scores are similar to Baylor and UTSW. I think the only doubts some people may have are due to the fact the school has only graduated 2 classes I believe so their match lists can't be compared to other schools....and El Paso obviously. You're in the middle of nowhere surrounded by no other city, though a city of 1 million and unique patient population is a plus. Sin embargo, fue muy impresionante.

Overall TCOM seemed like a great school, met a lot of doctors who graduated from here that are outstanding physicians and people. Great facilities, no splitting of the classes like the other 3, great city to be in for 4 years. I really disliked TCOM's curriculum with classes 8-5 most days, and even though I've seen online that most classes aren't required - most students I talked to on interview day told me they were required since they call on you to answer in class. Up to the individual if they're excited to learn about OMM, though the reality of probably having to take 2 sets of board exams definitely isn't thrilling.

Application Complete

Long School of Medicine - University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio
University of Texas, Southwestern
University of Texas, Houston
Oklahoma State University

Invited for Interview

A.T. Still University - Mesa
Touro University - Henderson
Western University of Health Sciences
Philadelphia College - Atlanta

Attended Interview

Texas Tech University
University of Texas, Galveston


Nova Southeastern University
Rocky Vista University
Texas A & M University
Texas Tech University, El Paso
University of North Texas

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