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MD Applicants

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  • 4ksibe

  • Application cycles: 06/10/2010
  • Demographics: Female, 36, African
  • Home state: Maryland
  • Last Active: 06/24/2011

// Applications //

Application Cycle One: 06/10/2010

  • Total MCAT SCORE: 472
  • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 118, C/P 118, CARS 118  
  • Overall GPA: 1.00
  • Science GPA: 1.00

Summary of Application Experience

I will love my first acceptance to death!!! No matter what school it comes out to be, it will have a special place in my heart!!!! Just hours after my firs sentence I get accepted into JHU baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow just wow... it was meant to be from the start
01/14/11 Withdrew from total of 7 interviews :( would have loved to visit all of them if there was the money and time for it.. At this point its pretty much Hopkins...Till I hear back from Harvard....
Hopefully the financial package is generous with me here.

3/07/2011 Its the end of the season for me and I am so Happy with the outcome. Pretty easy choice for me and im screaming from the bottom of my lungs JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY SOM CLASS OF 201? lol depending on what path i decide to take while there.


Georgetown University
University of North Carolina

Application Complete, Rejected

Stanford University
Mayo Medical School

Invited for Interview, Withdrew

Jefferson Medical College
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Northwestern University
University of Rochester
Meharry Medical College
Drexel University
Howard University

Attended Interview

University of Maryland

Attended Interview, Rejected

Harvard University

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Wake Forest University


George Washington University
University of Iowa
Pennsylvania State University
Virginia Commonwealth University
Johns Hopkins University

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