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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • g8orlife

  • Application cycles: 08/14/2010
  • Demographics: Male, 39
  • Home state: Florida
  • Last Active: 12/04/2011
  • Brief Profile: Grad+Postbacc sGPA: 3.8
    Undergraduate sGPA: 2.6
    (pretty strong upward trend, eh?)

    * Considering my dismal Undergrad performance, I am fortunate to have received ANY interviews. I am indebted to each of my acceptances and will prove myself MORE than worthy from Day 1 of medical school ... regardless of which I end up attending. *

    Lots of ECs:
    >3500 hours(& counting...) of professional clinical work, Organized >15 fundraisers & community service projects, 13 years medical volunteering, Pathophysiology TA, 4 research projects, 1 publication, and other minor stuff...

    AACOMAS submitted 7/29
    AACOMAS verified 8/6
    AMCAS verified 9/9
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 08/14/2010

    • Undergraduate college: University of Florida
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Nursing/Pharmacy/Medical Technology
    • Institution: Barry University
    • Area of Study: Other
    • Degree Obtained: MS
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 502
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 124, CARS 126  
    • Overall GPA: 3.35
    • Science GPA: 3.40

    Summary of Application Experience

    ~~ \"Never expect anything from anyone at anytime.\" ~~



    SR: Secondary Received
    SS: Secondary Sent
    C: Complete (Secondary Sent + LORs sent)
    ii: Interview Invite
    i: Interview
    A: Accepted
    W: Withdrew
    WL: Waitlisted
    R: Rejected
    APAP: Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway
    GME: Graduate Medical Education program
    IM: Internal Medicine
    LOR: Letter Of Recommendation
    MPH: Masters in Public Health degree
    PBL: Problem Based Learning
    PC: Primary Care
    TI: Traditional (Rotating) Internship
    fml: ask someone else...


    TIPS FOR FUTURE APPLICANTS ... aka \"Things I wish I knew\": (I\'ll be adding to this list during the app cycle):

    (1) APPLY EARLY!!! (This way if things don\'t go as planned, you can always readjust your strategy) --> June 1st!

    (2) Know your Priorities prior to applying
    a. Your preferred learning style (core hospital rotations[small community, large academic/teaching, associated GMEs, etc.], curriculum[PBL, lecture-based, cadavers, etc.], class competitveness & size, etc.) ---> Thus, DO YOUR HOMEWORK on ALL schools!
    b. Location (where do you want to live for at least the next 2 years? ... snow? beach? big city? small family town?)
    c. Cheapest (Please make sure that you love your school enough to have a $300K loan to repay)
    [ ]

    (3) Apply to ALL schools that you are honestly interested in. Don\'t worry about application costs, because You will be surprised by how much you like/dislike programs after getting more info during the interviews.

    (4) Have a couple \"safety\" schools (Would you rather be in med school next year or go thru this process again? ... hmm that\'s a toughy)
    [ ]
    [ ]

    (5) Go to SDN, get Secondary application prompts, and complete them even before receiving them. (Saves time and prevents getting back-loaded on Secondaries.)
    [ For MD: ]
    [ For DO: ]

    (6) Plan ahead. Make sure your program has future networking connections for residency/fellowship.
    [ For DO: ]
    [ For MD: OR ]

    (7) If you don\'t get any rejections during the application cycle, then you either are perfect or did not reach to your full application potential.


    06/17/2010 - MCAT (I think I did poorly on PS, because I stupidly did not adhere to my timing guidelines :-/)
    07/20/2010 - MCAT results (a PS of 7?!? That\'s the Lowest score of all my practice tests! ...Should I retake??)
    07/292010 - AACOMAS submitted (late...)
    08/06/2010 - AACOMAS verified (wow, that was quick! I thought it was supposed to take 4-6 weeks around this time.)
    08/11/2010 - NSU + LECOM-B SR
    08/12/2010 - PCOM-GA + LECOM-E SR
    08/13/2010 - DMU + UMDNJ SR; Gave 4/5 LORs a deadline on 8/23
    08/15/2010 - AMCAS submitted (late...)
    08/16/2010 - LMU SR; Created MDApps Profile; NSU + LECOM-B SS
    08/17/2010 - 1/5 LORs in (Hassle to send DO LORs individually. So, I\'ll send them in groups on 8/23); TUCOM SR; LECOM-E SS
    08/18/2010 - It\'s official. Will retake on 9/3.
    08/19/2010 - (Why does it take so long to write <1 page about a favorite student? I\'d love to interview @ NSU already! tick... tock...)
    08/20/2010 - 2/5 LORs in; UF sent an email asking to fill out mandatory admissions info. (Does this mean my AMCAS is verified?)
    08/21/2010 - Found out that 2 LORs submitted their LORs to Interfolio by mail instead of electronically ... (Great, more waiting :-/ )
    08/23/2010 - tick... tock... wish I had some LORs to ship out... *twittles fingers*
    08/24/2010 - Received email from Howard to complete online Secondary...due to a verified AMCAS. But AMCAS website disagrees :-/
    08/25/2010 - First interview invite @ LECOM-E!!!! ... Immediately followed by FSU rejection call...fabricated by my sister w/an accent! grrr
    08/26/2010 - Changed LECOM interview date & sent 2 LORs; Complete @ NSU (finally!...but not sure why b/c I didn\'t send last LOR)
    08/27/2010 - Checked in on 2 missing LOR writers to make sure they\'re still alive.
    08/29/2010 - 1 LOR told me he sent his LOR thru snail mail ... (tick... tock... :-/ )
    08/30/2010 - Apparently NSU has started sending out interview invites. (C\'mon, me next!! *fingers crossed*)
    08/31/2010 - Checked out an FSU regional campus.
    09/01/2010 - Bought plane ticket to PA.
    09/03/2010 - Retake (I feel better about PS+BS, but not VR :-/ ... Results available 10/5)
    09/07/2010 - 3/5 LORs in (Gosh, I really wish I took care of the LORs MONTHS ago); Booked hotel in PA.
    09/08/2010 - (Starting to think I was dumb for taking one\'s word as a binding agreement :-/ ) ... LORs sent to UMDNJ; 4/5 LORs in ............... and Happy Birthday, Val! (a great sister!)
    09/09/2010 - 5/5 LORs in; AMCAS verified; UCF SR
    09/10/2010 - USF + FSU + FIU SR; LECOM-E interview attended.
    09/16/2010 - (omg ... I just realized that LECOM-B JUST confirmed all my stuff ...which I submitted a MONTH ago :\'( )
    09/17/2010 - UMDNJ SS (after sending the 2ndary, I was told, \"the adcom just met today so your file won\'t be reviewed until Oct .... I seriously feel like nothing is going my way :-/ )
    09/18/2010 - Accepted @ LECOM-E via snail mail! (looks like I better get an icepick for the winter PA days)
    09/20/2010 - UMDNJ CALLED ME to confirm secondary completion and that adcom will actually review in next couple days! LECOM-B interview invite; Added UM (crazy, but worth a shot); NSU LORs sent again!(will they ever process them?!)
    09/21/2010 - LECOM-B interview date change; Complete at NSU (about time!)
    09/22/2010 - (Ok, I seriously need to finish these other Secondaries)
    09/23/2010 - LECOM-B initerview date change; Howard SS;
    09/24/2010 - Extra LOR sent to FSU from an FSU MS3;
    09/30/2010 - Complete @ HU; FSU + FIU + MMC SS (gosh...FSU\'s took A LOT LONGER than expected!); Called to confirm completetion of LECOM-B secondary;
    10/01/2010 - LECOM-B interview; UMDNJ interview invite call.
    10/03/2010 - Added PCOM (Strongly considering HPSP with the Armed Forces so if accepted, price won\'t matter)
    10/05/2010 - New score is ... horrible. Basically means 0.01% chance to get into an MD school now, especially UF dream :\'( (bad day)
    10/06/2010 - LECOM-B acceptance via phone. (Great, now have until 10/15 to decide between both LECOMs); NYCOM+CCOM added (although pricey I added d/t no potential costs w/HPSP & b/c they\'re 2/4 best DO programs .... better than alot of MD programs)
    10/07/2010 - PCOM +DMU SS (cost of school is really getting to me now; DMU has a program which may aid in that regard; unfortunately, I just read some negatives about the HPSP where I may be shipped to a specialty that I\'m not in the least interested ... I mean, location and time spent away doesn\'t matter to me, but an entire career DOES!)
    10/08/2010 - (Now, I\'m getting angry. All of this unnecessary stress could be avoided w/1 NSU interview)
    10/09/2010 - Received LECOM-B official acceptance letter.
    10/14/2010 - UMDNJ interview changed; Bought plane ticket to Philly.
    10/15/2010 - Emailed LECOM-E to withdraw (great price/time saver, but overall too risky)
    10/18/2010 - DMU interview invite email. (2 weeks to decide & next earliest available dates are in Dec :-/)
    10/20/2010 - Official withdrawal at LECOM-E (it\'s sad that they were originally near the top of my list); HU interview invite! 1st MD interview! (omg, I didn\'t think that I\'d get any!)
    10/21/2010 - UMDNJ interview (wow, the most relaxed graduate student atmosphere I\'ve ever seen. Maybe a little too relaxed? hmm...not sure yet.); (The originally \"tough\" interviewer\'s positive reaction to me makes me wonder if I should have applied to other competitive programs... Oh well :-/) Results in 5 wks.
    10/22/2010 - Met with PCOM Admissions Director (would\'ve been my interview if I had a Dean/Advisor letter :-/)
    10/24/2010 - Confirmed couch to crash in Washington, DC.
    10/26/2010 - FSU interview invite email!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Dang, the ONE day that I don\'t go on the internet is the ONE day that I hear the best news! I wish I saw this email earlier so that I could have already confirmed it; now, I have to wait to confirm tomorrow) ; Sent withdrawal email to DMU (Too many interviews now, and I don\'t see myself choosing Iowa over other schools ... not even over my current acceptance); Confirmed couch to crash in Tally.
    10/27/2010 - Confirmed FSU interview and DUM withdrawal; Emailed UF advisor for PCOM; Booked Washington, DC flight;
    10/29/2010 - FSU interview (could\'ve gone better; 1 interviewer didn\'t know understand the knowledge of a PA....)
    11/02/2010 - Fly out to DC (missed my 1st flight :/ ); Results in 2.5 wks?
    11/03/2010 - HU interview (pleasantly surprised; loved all the amenities, alumni, and future networking opps available after years of being established) Results Dec 15?
    11/04/2010 - UF advisor sent letter to PCOM (hopefully I won\'t need it ... c\'mon FSU! *fingers crossed*)
    11/4 - 11/5 - Toured DC w/friends (LOVED IT!)
    11/05/2010 - LECOM-B deposit received ($1,500!!!! I didn\'t want to drop that much for a deposit, but I can\'t risk not having any acceptances :-/ ... Looks like I\'ll still be in FL, so no icepick needed anymore)
    11/09/2010 - Got the call this morning to start work next week! Thus, no more time for future interviews. (I\'m lucky that I moved all of my interviews up)
    11/12/2010 - Fly to Atlanta for lil\' sis Pharmacy White Coat Ceremony
    11/15/2010 - 1st day of work!!! (nervous!)
    11/16/2010 - FSU adcom should meet this day;
    11/17/2010 - FSU email stating ..... I\'m on Hold/Waitlisted! :\'( And, apparently their waitlist doesn\'t move until April 15th (fml...)
    11/19/2010 - UMDNJ adcom meets!; UMDNJ called me to inform me that I\'ve been accepted w/a scholarship! (Looks like I may need that icepick again)
    12/09/2010 - UMDNJ Acceptance packet arrives.
    12/16/2010 - HU decisions made.
    12/23/2010 - UMDNJ deposit sent.
    12/27/2010 - Called HU to find out that I was accepted! (I would\'ve called earlier if the 12/16 email was written clearer)
    12/29/2010 - HU Acceptance letter arrives via snail mail.
    01/01/2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can\'t wait to start med school in ~6 months!!!
    01/05/2011 - HU deposit mailed; MMC interview invite.
    01/08/2011 - Withdrawal email sent to MMC.(sorry, a bit too late; you should have shown interest earlier)
    01/10/2011 - HU deposit received. (Unless FSU changes its mind, I\'m officially headed to D.C. to be a Bison!)
    01/14/2011 - Hi Tasha. I see you..... (Avatar style) ........................... and Happy Birthday YOU!, another great sister!
    01/20/2011 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE!!!!!!!! (I hope FSU sends me a nice birthday present in the near future =P )
    01/21/2011 - FSU update letter sent. (I\'m leery as to if these types of updates actually help.)
    01/29/2011 - Checked FIU status and read: \"Review Completed – Applicant Not Selected for Interview\" (If I couldn\'t garner an interview here, then I stood no chance at the other more competitive FL schools ... So, I guess it\'s a good thing I didn\'t waste $$ on their secondaries :-/ )
    02/03/2011 - FAU is in Phase 3 of accreditation process aka preliminary accreditation
    02/05/2011 - I just heard info on FAU\'s after months of silence. (not sure if i\'d be able to make an interview w/work and early matriuculation at HU/FSU ... but wouldn\'t hurt to try)
    02/06/2011 - Tried finding the FAU application, but it\'s not up yet. (could take 1-2 week(s) )
    02/10/2011 - In order to give my company 3 months notice before I leave for med school (per contract), I need to quit tomorrow :-/
    02/11/2011 - Quit my job today(90-day notice)!! (It strangely feels simultaneously good and bad ... kind of like breaking up w/a SO in a relationship.)
    02/24/2011 - FAU app available; sent in my final app for 2011. (fingers crossed)
    02/26/2011 - While speaking to my sister today, I realized that the one school that I thought I\'d be a lock for an acceptance, is the only school that I have not heard back from since being complete; Even though I definitely would not attend now, I checked my NSU Webstar status again: still \"Decision Pending\" ... (this goes to show just how random the app cycle can be...)
    03/31/2011 - Phone call from TouroCOM asking me to send them an official withdrawal email.
    04/01/2011 - Official Rejection PDF email from FSU :\'-( (Did they seriously have to send this out on April Fool\'s Day?!? ... Must be the worst joke ever.)
    04/02/2011 - Withdrawal email sent to TCOM.
    04/27/2011 - Received rejection letter from NSU. (I honestly can\'t believe that the ONE school I thought I\'d be a shoe-in, didn\'t even offer me an interview... I got accepted into schools that I had ranked higher so I\'m not upset, ... but this whole application process is too random ... )
    05/12/2011 - Last day of work!
    05/15/2011 - Moving to my new city!
    05/16/2011 - 1st day meeting some new classmates!
    07/20/2011 - 1st Day of Orientation!
    08/05/2011 - White Coat Ceremony!


    Philadelphia College - Philadelphia

    Applied, Withdrew

    Philadelphia College - Atlanta
    Lincoln Memorial University
    University of South Florida
    Morehouse School of Medicine
    University of Central Florida
    University of Florida

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Nova Southeastern University
    Florida International University

    Invited for Interview, Withdrew

    Touro University - Harlem
    West Virginia (D.O.)
    Des Moines University
    Meharry Medical College

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

    Florida State University


    Lake Erie College - Erie
    UMDNJ - Osteopathic Medicine
    Lake Erie College - Bradenton
    Howard University

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