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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • Hopeful Helen

  • Application cycles: 08/03/2010
  • Demographics: Female, 43, Caucasian
  • Home state: Michigan
  • Last Active: 10/28/2011
  • Brief Profile: I\'m keeping the GPAs vague for a reason. :) I\'ll just say it\'s been a very long road. My GPA from undergrad is low, but graduate and post-bac GPAs are fine.

    I have a lot of health care experience and hundreds of volunteer hours.

    I also have some public health research, but no hard science bench research experience.
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 08/03/2010

    • Undergraduate college: State School in Midwest
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Institution: State School of Public Health
    • Area of Study: Other
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 513
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 130, C/P 127, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.00
    • Science GPA: 3.00

    Summary of Application Experience

    I submitted my primary pretty late and am a little disappointed about that. I had a lot of trouble nailing down my personal statement. That also pushed my secondaries out too.

    Applied, Withdrew

    George Washington University
    Rush Medical College
    Tulane University
    Chicago College of Mid. University
    Philadelphia College - Philadelphia
    Philadelphia College - Atlanta
    Touro University - Harlem

    Application Complete

    Ohio State University
    Drexel University
    Loyola University Chicago

    Application Complete, Rejected

    University of Toledo
    Stanford University
    Emory University
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    University of Michigan
    Case Western Reserve University
    Cornell University
    Tufts University
    Columbia University
    Jefferson Medical College
    New York University
    University of Cincinnati
    Rosalind Franklin University


    Michigan State University (DO)
    Michigan State University
    Wayne State University

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