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MD Applicants

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  • Bill E. Kin

  • Application cycles: 08/23/2009
  • Demographics: Male, 41, East Asian
  • Home state: Iowa
  • Last Active: 05/01/2010
  • Brief Profile: =================================
    *AMCAS submitted: 08-24-09 (Yes, late. I held out on my three waitlists from the 2008-2009 cycle, but should have started earlier.)
    *AMCAS verified: 09-15-09
    *AACOMAS submitted: 09-01-09
    *AACOMAS verified: 10-26-09

    Extracurriculars -- Non-Medical
    *Founded a free ACT test prep course (and taught math) at a public high school with a dominantly low-income student body (2 semesters)
    *Social justice organization – Pres, Vice Pres positions (4 years)
    *Volunteer program coordinator for inner-city tutoring/mentoring program (3 semesters)
    *Volunteer at soup kitchen (more than 1 year)
    *Service trip in West Virginia / Appalachia (1 week during spring break)
    *Taught piano lessons to minority and disadvantaged children (1 summer)
    *Cultural organization member (on and off for 4 years, actually active for 1 year)
    *High-school math and chemistry tutor (during app cycle, not listed on AMCAS, but mentioned in some apps)

    Extracurriculars -- Medical
    *Hospital volunteer on medical/surgical floor (more than 1 year)
    *Hospital volunteer for cancer inpatient and surgical intensive care units (about 6 weeks)
    *Shadowing family practice physicians, MD and DO (about 6 weeks)
    *Volunteer at assisted-care living center for people with neurological disorders (about 8 months)
    *Volunteer for non-profit healthcare organization (2.5 years)

    Medical and Nonmedical Employment
    *Physiology teaching assistant (1 semester)
    *Physiology tutor (1 semester)
    *Emergency room data collection / biostats study (2 weeks)
    *Soup kitchen employee (1 summer)

    *Worked on physiology lab course pack, later published as lab manual for a liberal arts college

    *Philosophy essay contests – general (placed 1st in two)
    *Philosophy essay contests –healthcare ethics (placed 1st in two)
    *Philosophy student of the year (as a junior and as a senior)
    *Philosophy honors society, Vice-Pres
    *Deans Scholarship
    *Cum laude (Bio) and Summa cum laude (Philosophy) distinctions
    *Various Deans Lists

    Research -- Science
    *Not much, but enrolled in dry-lab research independent study course for two semesters. Presented findings at a science conference and college fair.

    Research -- Non-science
    *Independent study in philosophy. Research outside of class for essay contests mentioned above.

    Major Hobbies
    *Piano (not mentioned on AMCAS other than the volunteer piano tutoring)
    *Photography: won two photography contests, have web- and print-published images (not on AMCAS)

    *Saint Louis University: BA in Biology, 2004 (sub-3.0 science GPA—ouch!)
    *UMDNJ – Stratford: Master of Biomedical Sciences, 2006 (~3.5)
    *Loyola University – Chicago: BA in Philosophy, Minor in Bioethics , 2008 (3.9+)

    More information follows below in my application summary.
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 08/23/2009

    • Undergraduate college: Saint Louis University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Institution: UMDNJ - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences - Stratford
    • Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Degree Obtained: Master of Biomedical Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 513
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 129, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.52
    • Science GPA: 3.03

    Summary of Application Experience

    *Saint Louis University: BA in Biology, 2004 (sub-3.0 science GPA—ouch!)
    *UMDNJ – Stratford: Master of Biomedical Sciences, 2006 (~3.5)
    *Loyola University – Chicago: BA in Philosophy, Minor in Bioethics , 2008 (3.9+)

    Previous application cycle (2007-2008):
    *I filed my AMCAS application, but I did not complete any secondaries and requested application withdrawals for two reasons: (1) I had an extremely late letter of recommendation that wasn’t available until December, and (2) I was seriously considering going for a PhD in Philosophy instead of medicine.

    Previous application cycle (2008-2009):
    *Applied MD and DO (AMCAS verified 08/22, so I was pretty late), but did not complete DO secondaries.
    *Four interviews: Iowa, Drexel, Creighton, and SLU.
    *Rejected, Post-Interview: Iowa (after placement into final pool). I was nervous and my interview didn’t go very well.
    *Waitlisted, not accepted: Drexel, Creighton and SLU. All of these interviews went well, especially SLU. Unfortunately, Creighton and SLU were very late (January and February), so I was probably already interviewing for waitlists. Once all of these medical schools started classes, it was a crushing blow to my confidence. I spoke with the Director of Admissions at Creighton over the summer asking how I could improve my application for next year. He basically said that I was a good applicant and that there wasn’t anything more that he would recommend… except, of course, to give it another shot. As you can imagine, this was both frustrating and reassuring. I gave it another roll of the dice this 2009-2010 cycle, and I was accepted in October by SLU!

    *April 2004 (paper): Wasn’t really sure whether I wanted to take this, but then I decided to go ahead with it at the last minute to possibly apply to special masters programs. Studied for about 2-2.5 weeks. Didn’t even take an AAMC practice test… Not surprisingly, I scored in the mid-20s. It was good enough for my application to the UMDNJ-Stratford Master of Biomedical Sciences program though.
    *August 2006 (paper): 32 R. This score was considered as expired by a number of med schools that I would have applied to this cycle (e.g., Creighton and Drexel). Studied most of summer ‘06, but I was only able to cover all the subjects once and I only took one practice test (AAMC 3R). I got a 7 on the Physical Sciences section in 2004 and I knew it was my weakness. So, I focused on this section and raised it up 5 points (shocked!). Increased BS, VR, and Writing too, but my BS and VR scores were a little higher on AAMC 3R. Test administrators weren’t very organized and we got out really late (like 6pm!). But, I can’t complain.
    *Resources: for Physics and Chemistry--Princeton Review MCAT Physical Sciences course book (Fantastic!); for Biology -- Kaplan + my grad program; for Organic – Examkrackers (surprisingly concise and high yield); Verbal -- Examkrackers); and for Writing, I pretty much winged it. Took only one full practice test—AAMC 3R.

    *Undergrad science GPA: I struggled with science courses as an undergrad. Withdrew from 4 science courses due to low grades. Received 9 C or C+ grades in science courses prior to graduation. Result = sub-3.0 bcpm (too low to be evaluated by SLU’s Pre-Health Committee on evaluations). Ouch.
    *Non-science/all other GPA: Never really had trouble with these--never dropped below 3.9.
    *Postbaccalaureate science GPA: 3.75. 30+ credits mostly at a nearby liberal arts college. Apparently, it helps to study for science courses… who knew?! Got my undergraduate bcpm over the 3.0 mark.
    *Graduate GPA: Just short of 3.5. Completed UMDNJ program in two semesters (it’s really designed for three semesters) and took two courses with osteopathic medical students. All A’s in graduate courses except for one B+. I performed decently in the two medical courses (equivalent of “Pass” for medical students), but this translated to “C” and “C+” grades (and from the transcripts it’s not even clear that they’re any different from the normal grad courses)--I was extremely worried about this for the MD schools.

    I did my best to be true to myself. My personal statement highlighted my humility and persistence as opposed to trying to hype up my chief accomplishments and “sell myself” in a narrative resume. I did not seek any professional proofreading, but I did ask family to give me some feedback. I also attempted to focus on my *non-clinical* experiences and show how they translated to my interest in medicine.

    *Undergrad Science LOR from Physio Professor: Got the top grade in one of his classes, did some research with him, was a tutor for one of his classes, was a TA for one of his classes, had quite a few personal conversations with him—he knew me very well
    *Undergrad Science LOR from former Biology Department Chairperson: We honestly didn’t know each other very well, but I excelled in a course with him, and I needed another undergrad science LOR
    *Undergrad Non-Science LOR from Philosophy professor/Bioethics Minor director: took several of her classes and did well. She knew me pretty well.
    *Graduate Science LOR: I wasn’t sure how good this letter would be—I got an A in her grad classes, but I got a C in a medical course that she co-instructed. Somewhat surprisingly, for all of the interviews I received, I used her LOR. Nice lady and good person. Grad LOR was required by a number of medical schools.

    Checked out schools’ websites. Went over my AMCAS and secondary application responses. Attempted to give myself crash courses on major interview topics (e.g., healthcare insurance reform)—realized it was unnecessary to get too caught up in the minutiae (i.e., focus on the big picture). Read SDN interview feedback and focused on repeated questions. Practiced rehearsing coherent answers without actually having memorized mini-speeches. When the interviewer(s) name was given in advance, I did some web searches to see if any helpful information was available (field, research interests, CV, etc.). I did not do any mock interviews.

    Applied, Rejected

    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    Indiana University
    Wake Forest University
    Loyola University Chicago

    Applied, Withdrew

    Boston University
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    SUNY Stony Brook
    A.T. Still University - Kirksville
    A.T. Still University - Mesa
    New York College of New York Tech.
    Pikeville College
    Touro University - Henderson
    Edward Via Virginia College
    Western University of Health Sciences
    Touro University - Mare Island
    UMDNJ - Osteopathic Medicine

    Application Complete, Rejected

    UMDNJ - New Jersey

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    SUNY Buffalo
    Jefferson Medical College
    Tulane University
    SUNY Upstate
    Albany Medical College
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    University of Maryland
    University of Wisconsin

    Attended Interview, Rejected

    University of Iowa


    Saint Louis University

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