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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • JustDance

  • Application cycles: 08/02/2009
  • Demographics: Female, 34, East Asian
  • Home state: Louisiana
  • Last Active: 02/03/2010

// Applications //

Application Cycle One: 08/02/2009

  • Undergraduate college: Baylor University
  • Undergraduate Area of study:
  • Total MCAT SCORE: 513
  • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 130, C/P 127, CARS 127  
  • Overall GPA: 3.95
  • Science GPA: 3.89

Summary of Application Experience

06/18/09 - took the MCAT

08/03/09 - AMCAS submitted
08/07/09 - TMDSAS submitted
08/08/09 - Submitted secondary for LSU-Shreveport
08/10/09 - Submitted secondary for LSU- NO
08/12/09 - Submitted secondary for UT Southwestern
08/13/09 - Submitted secondary for GWU
08/23/09 - Submitted secondary for Baylor
08/31/09 - Submitted secondary for Penn State

09/09/09 - AMCAS verified, Submitted secondary for Texas A&M
09/10/09 - TMDSAS verified, Submitted secondary for Boston
09/11/09 - Complete at Boston
09/14/09 - Complete at Baylor
09/15/09 - Submitted secondary for U Penn *gulp*, Complete at GWU
09/16/09 - Complete at U Penn and Southwestern
09/17/09 - Complete at UTMB (no secondary)
09/19/09 - *deep breath* and Submitted secondary for JHU
09/24/09 - Complete at both LSUs and A&M, 1st interview invite!! for UTMB, Reviewed at Baylor...waiting for more news
09/25/09 - Interview invite for UT-H (no secondary, never received complete e-mail)
09/28/09 - Submitted secondary for Georgetown, Complete at Georgetown, Interview invite for LSU-NO

10/02/09 - Rejected from Boston. *sigh* Can\\\'t say I\\\'m surprised though...
10/06/09 - On hold at GWU
10/07/09 - Interviewed at LSU-NO - really nice facilities, great faculty, friendly students
10/09/09 - Interviewed at UTMB - liked the integrated curriculum, everyone was very helpful, didn\\\'t get to tour the campus because it rained
10/14/09 - Post-interview hold for re-review at LSU-NO. : ( I really liked the school too...
10/23/09 - Interviewed at UT-H - the TMC is amazing! cool tour (except for the awkward moment when they paraded us in front of the entire class of MS1s...), nice faculty, very very relaxed interviews (one of mine was only fifteen min long...not too sure if that\\\'s a good or bad thing)
10/30/09 - Complete at JHU...which means my file is getting reviewed. Would gladly donate a kidney to get an interview here. Interview invite for LSU-Shreveport, when I was beginning to think they\'d discarded my app

11/15/09 - FINALLY complete at Penn State. And alas, no pre-match news from my two Texas interviews...I\'m hoping it\'s partly because I\'m OOS...

Well it\'s been a while since I\'ve updated this so here goes...
1/26/10 - Interviewed at LSU-Shreveport. Definitely think it went well, so I guess I\'ll find out either this week or next week...

2/3/10 - Interview invite from Penn State! What a lovely surprise in my inbox on a cold, drizzly day. And then the next e-mail is a rejection from UPenn. Oh well, I\'m too excited about Penn State to be upset : )

Application Complete

Baylor College
George Washington University
Johns Hopkins University

Application Complete, Rejected

Georgetown University
Texas A & M University
University of Pennsylvania

Invited for Interview

Pennsylvania State University

Attended Interview

Louisiana State University, Shreveport
University of Texas, Galveston
University of Texas, Houston

Attended Interview, Waitlisted

Louisiana State University, New Orleans

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