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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 08/08/2009
  • Demographics: Male, 40, Caucasian
  • Home state: Minnesota
  • Last Active: 05/10/2010
  • Brief Profile: Non-traditional applicant.

    -Assistant Scientist in biomedical research lab (HIV/AIDS) past three years. Three publications, including a first author publication in Nature. Posters and conferences. Mentor to undergraduates.
    -Research Assistant in biochemistry lab for two years as an undergrad. Undergraduate research grant and scholarship.
    -Studied abroad through Denmark\'s International Study Program, enrolled in Medical Practice and Policy program
    -Volunteered abroad through CCS in Tanzania for one month (60hrs). Volunteered in private hospital, obtaining and processing patient samples in laboratory.
    -Volunteered in multiple sclerosis center as a patient companion for four months (80hrs)
    -Volunteered in emergency department comforting patients for six months (100hrs)
    -Volunteered in cardiac cath lab as a liaison for six months (100hrs)
    -Shadowed oncologist for three months (40hrs)
    -Intramural softball coach for four summers
    -Awarded $500 grant to introduce rock climbing to several student groups
    -Avid traveler/outdoor adventurer
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 08/08/2009

    • Undergraduate college: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 514
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 128, CARS 129  
    • Overall GPA: 3.62
    • Science GPA: 3.63

    Summary of Application Experience

    Primary application: $997
    Albany: $105
    Albert Einstein: $120
    Boston: $100
    Cincinnati: $25 (only reasonable secondary app fee)
    Colorado: $100
    George Washington: $125
    Georgetown: $130
    Iowa: $60
    Loyola: $75
    Mayo: $100
    Miami: $75
    Minnesota: $75
    Ohio State: $80
    Penn State: $70
    Pittsburgh: $85
    Rochester: $75
    SUNY Buffalo: $65
    SUNY Downstate: $80
    SUNY Upstate: $100
    Temple: $70
    Toledo: $80
    Tufts: $105
    Tulane: $100
    Vermont: $85
    Virginia Commonwealth: $80
    West Virginia: $100
    Wright State: $50
    Plane tickets, hotels, transportation and food for Ohio State, West Virginia interviews: $750
    Plane tickets and food for Loyola interview: $350

    Total cost: $4412!!! Holy Shit!

    Applied, Withdrew

    SUNY Stony Brook
    Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Mayo Medical School
    University of Pittsburgh
    Boston University
    University of Colorado
    Wright State University
    Tulane University
    SUNY Downstate
    University of Miami
    Temple University
    University of Cincinnati
    University of Toledo
    George Washington University
    SUNY Upstate
    Georgetown University
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    University of Rochester
    Tufts University
    Pennsylvania State University

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    University of Iowa

    Invited for Interview, Withdrew

    Albany Medical College
    SUNY Buffalo

    Attended Interview, Withdrew

    West Virginia University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted

    Ohio State University
    University of Vermont

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    Loyola University Chicago


    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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