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  • Application cycles: 2009
  • Demographics: Male, 41, Caucasian
  • Home state: Mississippi
  • Last Active: 07/16/2010
  • Brief Profile: 1) Deans Honors List 5/2002 & 5/2004
    2) ~7 Years of Biological Research (2 years U.G., 2.5 years Grad., 3 years Employment).
    3) Publications (Research is the strong point of my application):

    a) Campbell JH, JS Clark and JC Zak. 2009. PCR-DGGE comparison of bacterial community structure in fresh and archived soils sampled along a Chihuahuan Desert elevational gradient. Microbial Ecology. 57(2):261-6.

    b) Clark JS, JH Campbell, H Grizzle, V Acosta-Martinez and JC Zak. 2009. Soil Microbial Community Response to Drought and Precipitation Variability in the Chihuahuan Desert. Microbial Ecology. 57(2): 248-260.

    c) Clark JS, JH Campbell and JC Zak. Copiotrophic and oligotrophic soil bacterial community response to drought and heavy-rainfall in the Chihuahuan Desert. Microbial Ecology - (Reviewers asked for more sequencing work...not sure if Ill be able to oblige however since I am no longer assocaited with the lab which I did this work).

    d) Nadasi E, Clark JS, Szanyi I, Varjas T, Ember I, Baliga R, Arany I. 2009. Epigenetic modifiers exacerbate oxidative stress in renal proximal tubule cells. Anticancer Research. 29:2295-2299.

    e) Ember A, Clark JS, Varjas T, Kiss I, Ember I, Baliga R, Arany I. 2009. The Plant-derived Natural Compound Flavin 7(R) Attenuates Oxidative Stress in Cultured Renal Proximal Tubule Cells. In Vivo. 23(6):975-8.

    f) Arany I, Faisal A, Clark JS, Vera T, Baliga R, Nagamine Y. 2010. p66SHC-mediated mitochondrial dysfunction in renal proximal tubule cells during oxidative injury. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol.

    g) Clark JS, Faisal A, Baliga R, Nagaminec Y and Arany I. 2010. Cisplatin induces apoptosis through the ERK-p66shc pathway in renal proximal tubule cells. Cancer Letters. Accepted for publication.

    4) 6 Poster presentations
    5) 100+ hours of volunteering at the Jackson Free Clinic, Jackson MS. assisting medical students providing free medical care to uninsured and low income patients.
    6) 3 years teaching Microbiology to undergraduate pre-medical and pre-nursing students at Texas Tech University.
    7) 1 year experience as an Ambulatory Emergency Medical Technician.
    8) Treasurer of student organization for 1 year
    9) + ~50 hours of other small volunteering events
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2009

    • Undergraduate college: Texas Tech University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Institution: Texas Tech University
    • Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Degree Obtained: BS
    • Institution: Texas Tech University
    • Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Degree Obtained: MS
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 500
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 124, C/P 127, CARS 123  
    • Overall GPA: 3.85
    • Science GPA: 3.92

    Summary of Application Experience

    I have previously interviewed at Texas Tech University and University of Mississippi Medical Center with an MCAT score of 25M (VR6, PS 11, BS 8), however failed to get in. I recently retook the MCATs at the suggestion of admissions counselors at both the above stated schools of medicine. Also note, my above BCMP and Overall GPA are from my graduate studies. My undergraduate BCMP and Overall GPA were around 3.00 each.

    Update - just got my MCAT scores back...not too happy. Thought I did much much better. We\'ll see if a 1 point increase in VR is enough to sway the odds in my favor at Mississippi...doubt it though :). Should be a good contender at DO schools though which is perfectly fine with me since I am mainly interested in primary care anyhow.

    Also decided not to reapply to Texas Tech University as I would now be considered an out of state student and if I am going to pay out of state, I would be better off just applying to a DO school.

    4-29-10 --> Got off the waitlist at my first choice school !!! For all those out there who dont think they are ideal applicants, just keep pushing towards your goal and you will make it...I am living proof of that.

    Applied, Withdrew

    Pikeville College
    Philadelphia College - Atlanta
    Kansas City University
    A.T. Still University - Kirksville

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Lake Erie College - Bradenton
    Edward Via Virginia College

    Accepted off Waitlist

    University of Mississippi


    Lake Erie College - Erie

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