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MD Applicants

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  • Bearforce

  • Application cycles: 06/05/2009
  • Demographics: Male, 36, African
  • Home state: New York
  • Last Active: 08/21/2010
  • Brief Profile: Double Major- Biology and Spanish (100% Fluent)
    Pending patent for synthetic substrate for stem cell culture
    President **** Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi
    Presenter-Public Health Symposium
    Assistant Student Researcher-Biology
    Peer Leader/Tutor
    Junior Class Representative Health Careers Society
    Birmingham Southern College Latin American Studies Symposium
    Spanish Research Assistant
    Summer Research Inter
    College Student Government Freshman Class Vice President
    Member Honors Program
    College Full-Tuition Scholarship
    Member of Alpha Epsilon Delta ? ***** Chapter
    Shadowing (20hrs)
    Phi Beta Kappa
    Summa Cum Laude
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 06/05/2009

    • Undergraduate college: ---
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 513
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 128, CARS 129  
    • Overall GPA: 3.88
    • Science GPA: 3.87

    Summary of Application Experience

    Kaplan course $1200
    EK books $300
    MCAT X2 $500
    test date change $50
    flight to test $400
    Primary app cost $670
    projected Secondary app cost if each school is $ 100- $1800
    Total: $4920.00 ---- WOW (haven\'t even interviewed yet)
    Getting into Medical School=Priceless*
    Albert Einstein: $120.00
    Suny Buffalo: $65.00
    University of Rochester: $75.00
    Columbia: $85.00
    University of Chicago: $75.00
    Baylor: $90.00
    Cornell: $75.00
    Mount Sinai: $105.00
    Tufts: $105.00
    University of Pennsylvania $80.00
    Harvard: $85.00
    New York Medical College $100.00
    NYU: $100.00
    Johns Hopkins: $80.00
    Vanderbilt- $50.00

    Flights + travel.
    Columbia flight: $350.00
    Chicago flight: $200.00
    Baylor flight $380.00
    Buffalo flight $162.00
    2nd flight to NYC (Mount sinai & NYU or cornell) $209.00
    Boston flight (Harvard) $ 208.00
    Emory travel $6.00 (car trip)
    Baltimore flight (johns hopkins) $ 235.00
    Pennsylvania Flight (Uof Penn) $ 219.20

    took MCAT again on June 18, 2009 to improve and feel much better about it-- we will see July 20th

    AMCAS submitted-06/06/09
    1st transcript received-06/09/09
    2nd transcript received-06/12/09
    3rd transcript received-06/15/09

    Sending out letter requests this week 06/21-27. Hopefully there will be quick delivery and turnaround.
    06/25/09 still waiting for verification starting to fill out these secondaries.
    06/25/09 received secondary app received from Chicago-
    06/29/09-Columbia secondary app received
    07/01/09-AMCAS Verified!!! I was getting worried, but finally went through my BCPM is much higher than I thought it would be 3.87 (So many tears and bloodshed for this) overall 3.88
    07/01/09 Letters of Recommendation sent out, hopefully there will be some quick writing being done.
    07/02/09- Received secondaries from Cornell, Baylor, Buffalo, Pennsylvania, Rochester, Albert Einstein... Getting excited about getting closer to medical school. I am not sure if these school weed out pre-secondary, but i feel good that approximately half my list is partially interested.
    07/06/09- NYU secondary received, + notification from Emory,
    07/07/09- Vanderbilt email, Mount Sinai secondary received,
    So much writing at this point, but i am staying organized. My teachers and research mentor will not have letters until august so I\'m not too happy about that. hopefully they will surprise me or it wont affect me too much. looks like the applying early thing didn\'t really work.
    07/08/09- Georgetown secondary received
    I cant wait for my new MCAT score!!!
    07/13/09- Duke secondary received
    07/14/09- Vanderbilt sent email as heads up to secondary which will be mailed, Johns Hopkins Secondary received
    07/15/09- Send out Albert Einstein Secondary and Buffalo\'s
    I am thinking about applying to a couple other places, I have been receiving brochures and letters for recruitment + my New MCAT scores will be here next Tuesday.. Keep me in your prayers.
    07/16/09-Sent out University of Rochester secondary

    MCAT scores in 32!!! big improvement from 28 ahaha I\'m feeling much better!
    OK back to the application stuff, Good news everyone, I sent out about 200 donation requests with personal statement, extracurricular s, grades, and have received 200 dollars so far + my dad\'s friend is going to sponsor my secondary applications. I told him $100 per secondary and 18 secondaries so his blessed heart is going to give me $1800.00 wow.
    07/23/09 Tufts secondary received.
    I have been having a friend of the family who is a great editor (used to work for newspaper) edit all of my materials. When i receive more i will send out about 9 more secondaries this weekend.

    2 of my letters of recommendation have been received and there is another on the way..... OHHH yea,

    07/28/09 Baylor, Columbia, University of Chicago secondaries sent off.
    07/29/09 Cornell secondary sent off. Harvard secondary received
    07/30/09 Mount Sinai, Tufts sent off , added New York Medical College to my AMCAS
    07/31/09 University of Pennsylvania, Harvard secondaries sent off.
    08/03/09 3 Letters of rec in 3 more out....
    08/03/09--, NYU & New York Medical College secondaries sent out.
    08/06/09 Johns Hopkins and Duke secondaries sent out.

    08/12/09 OK, update time.... so i have completed 14 secondaries at this point, i am considering dropping Duke as their secondary is ridiculous and dont know if i want to go there... ill see, But i got my first interview invite todat from University of Chicago Pritzker.. Im stoked because their ave. atats are 3.9 and 36 mCAT--> this is good because only 730 people out of 7500 who applied got interviews. They are intersted which makes me believe other Top Tier schools should be interested as well.
    Update on the letter of recs. I have still 3 in and trying to be patient, but i know it is the thing my applications need to be complete.#### take home story--> ask for letters the semester before you apply.
    I have been getting alot of recruiting brochures and emails from schools as well... too many.
    08/17/09- 4 letters should be in by the end of the week + set up the interview date with Chicago for the 24th of September, Hopefully I can stay with a student the night before.
    08/18/09 - Howard secondary received and sent out.
    08/20/09- 1 more letter of rec received. 2 still out.
    08/20/09- Vanderbilt secondary and interview received.
    08/26/09- all letters in, now there should be some more complete emails coming my way

    09/10/09- Ok, havent been here in a while, but as of now i Have withdrawn my appliication to Howard because i dont think i would be happy there and i dont like the unprofessionalism i have already been subjected to.
    Albert Einstein i have to fix two lor letter heads along with Cornell
    Baylor-complete, Columbia complete-under review, Duke i still have to finish, Emory-complete, Georgetown i still have to complete, Harvard-complete, Johns Hopkins have to mail in app, (will do tomorrow), Mount Sinai-complete, NYU-complete, New York medical college- complete, SUny Buffalo- interview invite 9/07/09, Tufts-complete, University of Pen-complete, Chicago\'s interview coming up Booked ticket ($200) will be staying with student, University of rochester-i have to have letters of rec sent out, Vanderbilt-interview need to schedule after i finish the secondary.

    10/03/09- Update, I have attended Columbia and University of Chicago and now have officially withdrew my application from Howard and Georgetown. I cant wait for my fist acceptance I am going to cut down my list again. probably because these plane tickets are eating away at my account. I travel to Buffalo and Baylor next week and i am pretty excited about all this. It is very difficult to maintain school and these interviews. Its like having two lives. Both schools were fantastic.
    10/5/09-Harvard interview invitation,
    ----10/15/09- First medical school acceptance---University of Buffalo. Ohh yea......giggady giggady. Dreams come true.
    10/27/2009- second acceptance- University of Chicago.....160,000 scholarship. god is good
    10/29/09- Acceptance to Baylor by phone.
    11/19/09- Acceptance to Emory by phone.
    Wow, 4 acceptances to medical school....At the beginning of this cycle i was stressing so much, but if you are reading this let this be a lesson that hard-work always pays off.
    ....5 acceptances, Mount Sinai is in there now. Im about to start filling out this Financial stuff. I have to stay on it. Johns hopkins interview went very well despite tooth ache. About to attend last interview.... University of Penn. i am extremely excited about that one. In the process of creating a rubric which a way to rank the schools that i have looked at., but to tell the truth i need a second look at a few of them. Once i have it created, I will upload it to SDN.
    Went to last interview. Now playing the waiting game, about to notify Buffalo of withdrawal. to give others opportunities to be accepted.
    01/06/2009- Filled out the background check online consent form, Not worried at all I have never even gotten a ticket. Still piecing together the financial picture, working on the forms.
    03/16/2010 FASFA, NEED access, and some institution applications in, still working on some papers. Going to the Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Johns Hopkins, Chicago revisits.
    Acceptance to Johns Hopkins, Columbia and University of Penn since last update. Also today I withdrew from Cornell (didnt want to be on the waitlist especially with Columbia acceptance), baylor and Mount Sinai.
    That leaves Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, University of Penn, Emory,. to choose from. Hmmmm I have to go to re-visit weekends to make a decision. This has been a great application season, but I really would just like to know where i am going. It seems like ive been applying to medical school forever. haha. these are good problems to have though.
    So its been a while since ive been on here.... wanted to update those who may be following.. I will be at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in august.!! best of luck to those who follow. Remember there are very many difficult times... and many sweet times to come. Apply early, negotiate tooth and nail, go to revisits, dont doubt yourself, what you think you like in the beginning may change, you will be doing a lot of waiting so get something to keep your mind off it,
    Live long and prosper!
    Bearforce signing off....

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Duke University
    Georgetown University
    Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University
    Howard University
    Tufts University

    Invited for Interview, Withdrew

    University of Rochester
    New York University
    Vanderbilt University
    New York Medical College

    Attended Interview, Rejected

    Harvard University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted

    Cornell University


    SUNY Buffalo
    Baylor College
    Columbia University
    Emory University
    University of Pennsylvania
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Johns Hopkins University
    University of Chicago

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