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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • BoogieBee

  • Application cycles: 06/28/2010
  • Demographics: Female, 35, African
  • Home state: New Jersey
  • Last Active: 06/05/2011
  • Brief Profile: I\'ll keep it vague:

    tons of research, athletic club, minority premed club, typical honors, not much volunteering, shadowing with 2 physicians (ER, Plastic Surgeon), job as nurse\'s aid, blah blah
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 06/28/2010

    • Undergraduate college: some school in Pennsylvania
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 511
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 127, C/P 128, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.50
    • Science GPA: 3.44

    Summary of Application Experience

    first MCAT score received in August 2010: 23O... I really wasnt expecting such a crappy score the first time. As I look back to that day, I really wasn\'t myself. i got lost because the amcas had the wrong location online, and that just started off the day all wrong. Plus, my spirit plummeted because i didnt finish the physical sciences section which is usually my best.

    retook on the last day offered for the year in Sept for current score: 31Q.

    Overall, I feel as though I may have been overlooked by a lot of schools because of my first MCAT score. Right before i got my second score i got rejected by 2 schools, but right AFTER i got my new score i got 3 immediate interview invitations followed by an additional 2a month or two later.

    it\'s funny how much numbers play a part in this game.... Thankfully it seems like some programs like Ohio State and Cleveland Clinic are more so about how you would fit in the program and benefit from it fully... not just how good you make the school look in later years.

    Applied, Withdrew

    Jefferson Medical College

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Yale University
    Harvard University
    University of Pittsburgh
    Case Western Reserve University

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Temple University

    Invited for Interview, Withdrew

    Howard University
    SUNY Downstate

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted

    Cleveland Clinic Medical School


    UMDNJ - New Jersey
    Ohio State University
    Drexel University

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