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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • hanhihavharhardhlz

  • Application cycles: 2009
  • Demographics: Male, 33, East Asian
  • Home state: Unknown
  • Last Active: 10/11/2010   -   Latest Activity
  • Brief Profile: AMCAS:
    1) 1 Summer Paid Research
    2) 3 Years Merit-based Collegiate Scholarships, 3 Years Dean\'s List
    3) 3 Years 30 Hour Famine Chief Organizer, 1 Year Executive Advisor
    4) 1 Year Peer Tutor
    5) 1 Year Hospital Volunteer
    6) 2 Years Volunteer Club Vice-President
    7) 3 Years Extracurricular Japanese
    8) Professional Certificate in Creative Computer Animation
    9) 2 Years College Student Society (First Year Rep, Electronics & Media Officer, Social Sub-Committee, Superfrosh)
    10) 1 Year College Council
    11) College Commuter Club Founder and President
    12) High School Student Administrative Council President (Valedictorian, Top Student in a few classes)
    13) 4 Years St John Ambulance Brigade (Secondary School)
    14) Soccer since \'96 (Intramural Finalists Vice-Capt, Recreational League, High School Capt)
    15) Piano Grade 7, High School Choir Pianist

    English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese
    Update Letter 1:
    10hr Shadowing and Volunteering (Prepare and Dispense Medication) Family Physician
    20hr Shadowing Cardiologist (Rounds, Clinic, Angioplasties)
    Update Letter 2:
    Volunteer - Play basketball with intellectually disadvantaged children
    Research - Cardiovascular Unit at Sick Kids
    Update Letter 3:
    Volunteer - Nursing Home (actually hospice)
    College based merit-based scholarship
    Letter of Intent:
    Harvard Medical School
    Other Clubs (unlisted):
    Tae Kwon Do, Table Tennis Intramurals, Japanaese Language Exchange, Infinite (social group)...

    Thank you for all the support I have received from all the people around me. This would not have been possible without your unconditional support.

    I am very willing to offer all the help I can to future applicants.
    Do not hesitate to contact me!
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2009

    • Undergraduate college: University of Toronto
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 523
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 132, C/P 132, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.81
    • Science GPA: 3.86

    Summary of Application Experience

    If you need help with anything, email me at [email protected]
    Asking me on SDN or MDApps will only get my reply delayed infinitely.

    I picked this avatar because I have long hair. I am donating my hair to Cuts for Cancer. (You should too!)

    Harvard is my #1 choice. I had a funny feeling of home when I was there. Even if I am setting myself up for disappointment, I want to be honest to myself and also to the people around me. I want to be stronger and braver than I was before, and I am standing up and admitting, \"Harvard is my #1.\" And if I don\'t get in, I\'ll endure the disappointment from both me, my family and all my friends, and (as usual) all the sneers that I will get from the few oddballs. However, I promise you, no matter what happens, I will work as hard as I can to become one of the most competent and compassionate doctor on the planet.

    I used a simple mathematical formula to achieve the *star ratings* (Facilities, Location, Rank, Environment, People, Home, Scholarship). Results were not entirely similar to a self-produced list. However, it is still a relatively accurate representation of my feelings towards these schools. If I do not manage to get into my dream school, there is no other school that I would immediately go to. (Statistical difference only found on Harvard!) There is nowhere else that gave me THAT feeling. I will carefully reconsider all my options if that unfortunate situation is to occur. Until then, I will continue to believe in the path that I have chosen and will continue to walk.

    Thank you for the unconditional support. I hope to, one day, be of service to you.
    (And of course, to the schools who have welcomed me with open arms, I will not let you down!)

    If you need help or advice or just an extra opinion, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would really love to do all I can to help you achieve your dreams.

    WashU - c: 14/8, ii: 12/9, i: 6/10
    Yale - c: 26/8
    JHU - c: 18/9, R: 4/11(rec 17/11)
    Harvard - c: 20/8, ii: 29/10, i: 22/12
    Cornell - c: 17/8, R: 10/12
    Pritzker - c: 10/8, R: 1/9
    Northwestern - c: 19/8, ii: 28/10, i: 30/11
    Duke - c: 23/9, ii: 27/9, i: 23/11
    Columbia - c: 25/9
    Mount Sinai - c: 7/8, ii: 28/9, i: 9/11, A: 3/12
    Mayo - c: 13/8, R: 31/8
    UPenn - c: 20/8
    UCSF - r: unknown
    Stanford - c: 22/8
    Emory - c: 4/9, ii: 16/9, i: 19/10
    Brown - c: 18/8, R: 9/12
    Tufts- c: 26/8
    Case Western - c: 17/8, iI 20/8, i: 26/10, Hold: 4/11
    Albert Einstein - c: 14/9
    USC (Keck) - c: 11/9
    UCLA - c: 19/8
    Boston - c: 17/8, ii: 4/11, i: 4/12
    Albany - c: 20/8
    Suny Upstate - c: 18/8, ii: 23/9, i: 2/11
    Tulane - c: 4/9, R: 30/9
    EVMS - c:16/9, R: 15/9

    Applied, Rejected

    University of California, San Francisco

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Tulane University
    McMaster University
    Stanford University
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Toronto
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    Johns Hopkins University
    Brown University
    Cornell University
    University of Southern California
    University of Chicago
    Mayo Medical School
    University of California, Los Angeles

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    Columbia University
    Yale University
    Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University
    Albany Medical College

    Attended Interview, Rejected

    Duke University
    Harvard University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted

    Washington University in St. Louis
    Emory University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

    Case Western Reserve University


    SUNY Upstate
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Boston University
    Northwestern University

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