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MD Applicants

  • fpo-profile-avatar
  • metalgirl14

  • Application cycles: 06/08/2010
  • Demographics: Female, 37, Caucasian
  • Home state: Illinois
  • Last Active: 01/03/2013
  • Brief Profile: Took my MCAT on April 17th but I only received a 27Q. This score didn\'t really reflect my AAMC scores (average=31O, range=28-33) but I have a tendency to score lower on standardized tests. I\'m not completely satisfied with my score but I\'m not going to retake the test (during this cycle at least).

    nsGPA: 3.84
    Avg GPA: 3.87 during last two years of college
    (Dean\'s List for 7 quarters)

    3 years as lead research assistant in visual attention lab
    1.5 year independent study in child psychology lab (Won 2 fellowships for summer research)

    Community Crisis Center (Children\'s Group), Children\'s Memorial Hospital (Uptown Clinic), Northwestern Memorial Hospital (Women\'s Hospital), Northshore University Healthsystems (Women\'s Center), Children\'s Advocacy Center (~530+ hours total)

    Six physicians total (pediatrics, cardiology, allergy, obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine, anesthesiology-DO), witnessed live cardiac surgery (~51 hours total)

    1 year as a GSW facilitator (Calculus tutor), 3 years in NU Marching Band (Color Guard), Alternative Spring Break: Wings of Hope (St. Louis, MO), Chemistry demonstration assistant (2 quarters)

    Previous hospital volunteering (some were more clinical than others), CNA in an Infectious Disease office (~1200-1800+ hours total)
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 06/08/2010

    • Undergraduate college: Northwestern University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Psychology/Social Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 503
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 124, C/P 126, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.71
    • Science GPA: 3.56

    Summary of Application Experience

    6/28/10: So I had a mini panic attack last night and was convinced that I wouldn\'t get in anywhere. I decided to add a few more schools while it\'s still early. I figured that since I don\'t have to pay for secondaries, I have nothing to lose (thank you fee assistance!). On the bright side, I just received the secondaries for GWU and MCW. :D

    07/02/10: Just received an email to complete the EVMS secondary....along with an email saying that they strongly recommend I retake my MCAT. I\'m starting to think I have no chance this cycle...:(

    07/04/10: Spent most of the holiday weekend filling out secondaries. Hopefully something good comes from all this!

    07/10/10: I know my BS score is going to be a HUGE red flag on my application. I\'d rather not have to reapply so I added a few more schools that have an 8BS within their 10-90 percentiles. Yea, all of these secondaries will take some time to complete but I don\'t have anything else going on right now...I\'ll just have less time to play video games. :P

    7/18/10: Just submitted the Michigan State CHM secondary today. At this point, I\'m all up to date on my secondaries. I\'m hoping that I get several more secondary invites by the end of this week.

    7/23/10: I guess the temporary break from secondaries is now over. Since Wednesday, I have received Loyola, Arkansas, Wake Forest, and PCOM so I have a busy weekend ahead of me.

    7/26/10: All of my DO secondary apps are officially done! :D

    08/02/10: I went on vacation over the weekend and I came back engaged! :D
    I was happy to find the secondaries for U of Iowa and Wayne State in my inbox. Now I have to finish the last few secondaries, schedule (and pay for) interviews, and plan a wedding!

    08/06/10: I just submitted Drexel and Penn State but I still need to work on the secondaries for Wayne State and Oakland. Hopefully, I can submit both of these by Monday evening.

    8/9/10: Received the U of Minnesota TC secondary...and an interview invite for DMUCOM! Yay! First invite! :D

    8/17/10: Received secondaries for U of Mn (TC) and U of Toledo recently. My motivation for completing these secondaries is definitely starting to decrease...I\'ll try to get these done by Saturday since I have wedding stuff to attend to on Sunday.

    The only secondaries I\'m still waiting on are:
    East Tennessee State
    Texas Tech (waiting for TMDSAS to be sent)
    Texas A&M (waiting for TMDSAS to be sent)

    I\'m pretty sure SIU and East Tennessee State won\'t be sending me their secondaries (no instate love from SIU!). Oh well. Once I finish working on the Texas Tech and Texas A&M secondaries, I\'ll consider the secondary season done and over with (thankfully).

    8/20/10: Just finished the University of Minnesota secondary (finally!). I\'ll finish the Texas Tech and Texas A &M ones in the next couple of days then it\'s onto interview prep! :)

    8/24/10: My TMDSAS application was finally sent to schools today! I have the majority of the Texas A&M and Texas Tech secondaries complete so I will be submitting them in the next couple of days.

    9/2/10: I\'ve gotten several rejections but I also have 5 interviews already. Hopefully, the rest of the cycle will go this well! :D

    9/7/10: Received the interview invite for Wayne State today. I\'m having way more luck with this application cycle than I initially thought. :)

    9/17/10: My interview at DMU went really well (at least I think it did) and I absolutely loved this school! All of the students seemed incredibly easygoing and the Des Moines area was very nice. I really hope I get accepted here!

    9/29/10: Just interviewed at Wayne State but I didn\'t like this school as much as DMU. Since DMU is one of my top choice schools, I think I will cancel my interview at LMU and KCOM. These schools are too small town for me and because my fiance is finishing his bachelors degree, it would be a lot easier to stay near a city.

    1/20/11: I didn\'t think I\'d even get an interview at Penn State so I\'m thrilled about this acceptance. This school was one of my top choices and I love everything about it. I\'ll still do my FAFSA for Wayne State and DMU but it\'s highly likely that I\'ll be attending Penn State in the fall. :-)

    Applied, Rejected

    West Virginia University
    Southern Illinois University
    Virginia Tech Carilion
    East Tennessee State University

    Applied, Withdrew

    Texas A & M University

    Application Complete

    Edward Via Virginia College
    Drexel University
    University of South Carolina
    University of Vermont
    University of Texas, Houston

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Tulane University
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    George Washington University
    Chicago College of Mid. University
    The Commonwealth Medical College
    University of Louisville
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    University of Illinois
    Michigan State University
    Philadelphia College - Philadelphia
    Loyola University Chicago
    Wake Forest University
    Rush Medical College
    University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    University of Wisconsin
    University of Kansas
    University of Minnesota, Duluth
    Wright State University
    Medical University of South Carolina
    University of Arkansas
    University of Oklahoma
    Temple University
    Long School of Medicine - University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio
    University of Texas, Galveston
    University of Iowa

    Invited for Interview

    University of Toledo

    Invited for Interview, Withdrew

    Lincoln Memorial University
    A.T. Still University - Kirksville
    Kansas City University

    Attended Interview

    Rosalind Franklin University
    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted

    Oakland University

    Accepted off Waitlist

    Wayne State University


    Des Moines University
    Pennsylvania State University

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