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  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Female, Caucasian
  • Home state: New York
  • Brief Profile: I have several years of work behind me in medicine in clinical research. Low GPA was caused by illness noted in LOR's. Also dragged down a little bit b/c I wasn't originally a pre-med, and took a lot of the hardest science/math courses offered. Brown doesn't have +/- grades, just A/B/C, so I rode the B+/A- edge and often ended up with the B. Keep in mind if you've got my GPA but didn't go to an Ivy league school, and/or didn't major in Engineering, you might not turn out the same...I had a really hard time getting interviews (I feel), and feel extremely lucky to have gotten into USC in the end. I think the extra cookies they give for 'good school' and 'hard major' were what saved me.

    My application list is a pretty comprehensive list for those of you with low GPA's. The only schools you might want to re-consider are the NY schools (replace the public ones with your own in-state schools, and obviously take off MSSM, and look at the other private schools on a case by case basis). I didn't know about Lizzy M's spreadsheet when I came up with my application list, and it actually matches up pretty well for lowish GPA, ok/good MCAT. I didn't screen out schools based on their avg accepted MCAT. I didn't apply to schools that didn't take OOS applicants.

    I didn't apply to D.O. schools that required a D.O. LOR.

    I didn't apply particularly early, honestly (maybe complete in late August?). You'd probably do better than I if you submitted earlier.
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: Brown University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Engineering/Technology
    • Institution: postbaccalaureate
    • Area of Study: Premedical Studies
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 516
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 128, CARS 130  
    • Overall GPA: 3.45
    • Science GPA: 3.21

    Summary of Application Experience

    How do you summarize a process that gets me an USC interview offer in the same week I get rejected from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine?

    I am really opposed to using committee letters.
    I used my committee letter from my post-bacc program last year and got one interview and obviously no acceptances. They had no reason to write anything bad. In a post interview analysis of my application, the dean of admissions at the med school where I interview told me not to use my committee letter as a post-bacc...wish I had known that earlier.

    Indeed, look how much better it's turned out. Wish I could read that stinkin' letter.

    I hope I end up at an M.D. program, but I'll be fine at a D.O. program. I just want to be a physician. My biggest reason for wanting the former is simply that I don't want to focus the extra time on OMM during this already busy/stressful education since I might never use it.

    Applied, Rejected

    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Eastern Virginia Medical School

    Application Complete

    Howard University

    Application Complete, Rejected

    University of Rochester
    Michigan State University
    Case Western Reserve University
    Pennsylvania State University
    University of Arkansas
    SUNY Downstate
    SUNY Upstate
    University of Vermont
    SUNY Stony Brook
    Tulane University
    University of Miami
    Morehouse School of Medicine
    University of Louisville
    Loma Linda University
    New York Medical College
    Rush Medical College
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Jefferson Medical College
    Temple University
    George Washington University
    Drexel University
    Rosalind Franklin University
    University of South Carolina
    Chicago College of Mid. University
    Des Moines University
    Philadelphia College - Philadelphia

    Attended Interview, Rejected

    University of Utah

    Attended Interview, Withdrew

    University of Cincinnati
    University of Toledo
    Albany Medical College
    SUNY Buffalo
    Meharry Medical College
    Touro University - Harlem

    Accepted off Waitlist

    Florida International University


    University of Southern California
    Kansas City University
    University of New England
    Nova Southeastern University
    A.T. Still University - Kirksville
    New York College of New York Tech.
    UMDNJ - Osteopathic Medicine

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