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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Male, Caucasian
  • Home state: Colorado
  • Brief Profile: Regis University Honors Program & Senior Thesis
    National Society of Collegiate Scholars
    Alpha Epsilon Delta (Secretary for 2 semesters)
    AmeriCorps Students in Service Scholarship (req. 450hrs. for year of membership)
    Sophomore Biology grant
    Biology lab assistant 3 semesters.
    Biology lab assistant and lecture tutor, 2 semesters.
    Resident Assistant, 3 semesters.
    Emergency room volunteer, nearing 3 years and currently 240 hours.
    Osteopathic physician shadowing (other than within ER), 5 hours.
    Intentional living community member, 2 semesters.
    Volunteer at local art studio working with at-risk youth (will have ~300 hours by May, 2009)
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: Regis University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 500
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 125, C/P 126, CARS 123  
    • Overall GPA: 3.67
    • Science GPA: 3.34

    Summary of Application Experience

    Spring 2008: Studied for MCAT with Kaplan review

    05.04.08 - May 29, 2008: Studied for the MCAT at least 8 hours/day

    05.29.08: MCAT

    June 2008: contacted Regis University graduates to discuss D.O. over M.D., started AACOMAS and AMCAS applications (later decided to focus solely on osteopathic medicine), took summer classes, met with 3 osteopathic physicians regarding osteopathic schools and applications

    06.28.08: MCAT scores received; 25O

    Early July: Read 'The D.O.'s;' I found it a huge help and suggest it to anybody interested in going osteopathic

    07.13.08: Submitted AACOMAS

    07.15.08: Shadowed osteopathic family physician

    08.27.08: AACOMAS finally processed

    08.27.08: Received CCOM Secondary email

    08.28.08: Received NYCOM Application Acknowledgement email

    08.31.08: Received AZCOM Secondary email

    09.02.08: Received OKCOM Secondary email

    09.03.08: Received Western-COMP Secondary email

    09.04.08: Received NSU-COM Secondary email

    09.05.08: Received ATSU-KCOM Secondary email, ATSU-SOMA Secondary email, and an email telling me why I should consider CCOM (is this common?)

    Mid-August: Received TUCOM-CA and PCOM Secondaries via snail-mail

    10.05.08-10.10.08: All secondaries returned, LOR's sent by interfolio

    10.15.08: ATSU-KCOM Interview Invite; scheduled for 10.27.08

    10.17.08: CCOM Interview Invite; scheduled for 10.23.08

    10.21.08: Western-COMP Interview invite; scheduled for 12.11.08

    10.23.08: The interview at CCOM went well. I flew out on 10.22.08 and stayed at a local Hampton Inn. I would suggest to anybody else interviewing at CCOM to make sure that the hotel does not cancel your shuttle even if you schedule it appropriately; this could have been a big problem had they not asked if I was waiting for the shuttle. Over all, the interview was intimidating, but good. I was far too nervous, and my answers may have been a little long, but I feel like I represented myself strongly. The interviewers were kind, the questions were expected, but my answers probably could have been better.

    10.23.08: ATSU-SOMA Interview Invite; scheduled for 10.31.08. The plane flight is only 2 hours after the interview is supposed to wrap up... this could be a tight flight

    10.24.08: AZCOM Interview Invite; scheduled for 11.06.08

    11.05.08: ATSU-KCOM Acceptance! I guess this means I can be a doctor someday!

    =====================MD-Applicants Profile Created====================

    10.24.08 I have finally decided to start a profile on MD-Applicants! Today I caught the summary of my experiences up, so it might actually be helpful to someone. I am riding through the interview process with a pretty average MCAT score; my extra-curricular's are probably what is carrying me through. I have pretty much decided to go to any interview I can get, at least until I find a school that seems to be a good match; I probably will not be attending an interview at OK-COM as they're currently experiencing some difficulties with hospitals. I am getting poor from interviews, and the $66,000/year projected expense at CCOM is terrifying.

    10.27.08 Just returned from Missouri for an interview at KCOM. The campus is really nice, but the town is very small. The school definitely outshines the town, but I am not left with quite the feeling that CCOM impressed. The cookie during lunch was amazing.

    10.31.08 I am in Phoenix for my interview at ATSU-SOMA. I'm staying at the Sleep Inn 2 miles from the university; the room is cheap ($69/night), nice (2 queens), and clean, but the showers were really cold (read: suits wrinkle, steam removes wrinkles... cold shower = ironing). If you plan on staying here, bring a swimsuit (I didn't). I'm a little concerned about the provisional accreditation status that the school currently holds; the city gives a great vibe. I never have been a fan of heat, but some how I could see me living here. I JUST RECEIVED AN INVITE FROM NOVA!!!! I'm definitely excited about this interview, although it's not scheduled yet! I'll update later with interview info.

    10.31.08 I am sitting in Sky Harbor with nothing but good things to say about the day. I like Phoenix far more than I thought I would, and the university... nothing but good things to say. I really think this would be a great match for me (if you're an admissions person, VOTE FOR ME!!! I'LL COME!!!).

    11.07.08 Once again, I am sitting in Sky Harbor after a pretty great day. Phoenix still seems great; I interviewed at MWU-AZCOM today. The university has an absolutely beautiful campus. The cadaver lab is pretty nice, with a nicer one being constructed; the OMM lab is nice. New lecture halls, a new athletic facility, and some other buildings are joining the rankings... it all seems too nice to even be 12 years old. The students were pretty happy and fairly promoting towards the college (one exception told me about forced rotations in OH for MS 3 and MS4... sounded pretty lame on the school's behalf). I like the school a lot, but I really need to hear back from all of the schools before I can profess my undying love for one above all others (STRONG LEANING TOWARDS ATSU-SOMA).

    11.12.08 I got a call from admissions personnel of ATSU-SOMA a couple days ago; I missed the call, and the voicemails I left were never returned. I got a little tired of waiting for the returned call, so I called the general office of admissions rather than the specific person who called me first; I GOT ACCEPTED! They said the letter should be here in a few days, and I'm super excited! I think it will be a great match for what I would like to do (urban underserved healthcare), so I am now canceling plans for Western/COMP in December and possibly even my plans to interview at NOVA this Friday. It just feels that right.

    11.19.08 I interviewed at NSU-COM on Friday. The trip was worth every penny; I was really impressed by their program. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to speak with some MS-1's and MS-2's about SOMA. I'm now reconsidering taking that acceptance due to residency placements and the fact that their program is just so new; it worries me a little bit. I also received an acceptance to AZCOM today; guess that gives me another choice to throw into the mix!

    11.27.08 I got accepted to CCOM and NSU-COM this week; meanwhile, I have ruled out AZCOM and ATSU-SOMA. The decision between CCOM, KCOM, and NSU-COM is going to be really tough; each school offers its benefits and I could see myself doing well at each. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanks for stopping by to check out my profile! Good luck to all other applicants. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or questions.


    Chicago College of Mid. University
    A.T. Still University - Kirksville
    A.T. Still University - Mesa

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