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MD Applicants

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  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Female, 35, Caucasian
  • Home state: Missouri
  • Last Active: 02/17/2010
  • Brief Profile: Major: Nutrition

    Extracurricular awards and activities:
    -Tapped into Alpha Sigma Nu National Jesuit Honor Society
    -Emergency Room Two-Semester Shadowing Internship
    -Biology Mentor/tutor for 1st-year biology students
    -Tapped into Alpha Epsilon Delta (pre-health) National Honor Society and served as Public Relations Vice President
    -Crisis Nursery Volunteer (helped physician at clinic)
    -Campus Ministries Canned Food Drive and served on the Public Relations Committee
    -Freshman Orientation Club as Leader of Residence Hall Floor (each year)
    -Member of a sorority: Philanthropy Night Chair - originated a new craft from previous years, Executive Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Head of New Member and Sophomore Activity Planner
    -Shadowing Local/rural Family Physician = AMAZING!
    -Several Hours volunteering at hospital in my hometown, also rural
    -Dean\'s List x ??? semester\'s. I have been on it a few times but haven\'t necessarily kept track
    -Participated in a week-long high school mini-med school as a senior in H.S. at state university

    -University Undergraduate Research Opportunity (at my state institution, not the one I\'m attending)as a Summer Intern working on an acute study and cohort study in two different labs; also created an abstract to be published in undergrad research publication book and presented a poster on summer research at an undergraduate forum
    -Chemistry Teaching Assistant: both organic and gen. chem and served as lab coordinator\'s main assistant a.k.a. head TA
    -Local School District Summer Administrative Support x 2 summers
    -School\'s Dept. of Transportation Student Driver
    -Mall employee over winter and summer breaks
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: Saint Louis University
    • Undergraduate Area of study:
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 505
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 125, C/P 126, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.81
    • Science GPA: 3.69

    Summary of Application Experience


    8/15/08 - Took MCAT

    9/8/08 - Submitted AMCAS

    9/16/08 - Received MCAT scores

    9/22/08 - AMCAS verified and within next few weeks, received all secondaries

    12/xx/08 - By this point, I was complete everywhere except Penn State, still unsure if I want to go to there. I would have been complete by early November but I had to wait on one important LOR that took forever!

    12/18/08 - Received interview invite for University of Missouri

    1/6/09 - Interviewed at the University of Missouri

    1/8/09 - Received interview invite for University of Kentucky and Michigan State (Can't believe two in one day!! SOOO exciting!!)

    1/10/09 - Received rejection from University of Iowa

    1/25/09 - Received update on status from University of Missouri - status is unchanged and will hear final decision at the end of February

    1/27/09 - Interviewed at the University of Kentucky

    2/6/09 - Received update on status from University of Kentucky - class is currently full so they cannot give out any acceptances, however, I was placed at top of alternate list in the event that people withdraw from the class

    2/16/09 - Received interview invite for Creighton University

    2/19/09 - Interviewed at Michigan State University

    2/25/09 - Received interview invite for Saint Louis University

    2/28/09 - Received rejection from University of Missouri

    3/6/09 - Interviewed at Creighton University

    3/11/09 - Waitlisted at Michigan State

    3/23/09 - Interviewed at Saint Louis University

    4/3/09 - ACCEPTED at Creighton University (Finally! I'm going to be a doctor!!!!)

    5/5/09 - Waitlisted at Saint Louis University

    6/10/09 - Accepted at Michigan State University (now I have to make a decision!!!)

    6/16/09 - Withdrew from Michigan State University after much deliberation!


    Although I seem to have applied late in the game, I am very pleased to have 5 interview offers, especially considering my MCAT is below 30. I was uncertain how I would do in this process but so far it has been good to me!

    University of Missouri - (1/6/09) Enjoyed learning about the school and the technique of teaching: half lecture, half PBL (small-group work on class topic cases). I liked the small interview group and that the interviewers really spent time reviewing my file before meeting me. I am crossing my fingers for an acceptance here. I felt my interview performance was fine, maybe could have been fine tuned here and there, but for the most part I was pleased. The environment was very laid back and I feel like I would fit in well at a school like Mizzou. Go Tigers!!

    University of Kentucky - (1/27/09) This school was SOOOO accomodating, especially since I was an out-of-state student. Everyone made me feel welcome and really seemed to care that I enjoyed my time there. With 14 other applicants being interviewed at the same time, I was impressed that they matched me with interviewers who had interests similar to mine and thouroughly read my application. One lady even drove 120 miles in the ice just to meet me! An acceptance here would be hard to pass up. Tuition as an out-of-state student would be the only downfall. I liked Lexington and feel I would also fit in well here as the people seemed a lot like the Mizzou students. Go Wildcats!!

    Michigan State University - (02/19/09) The interview day was very organized and very informative. All the students seemed to love school there and were very happy with their choice to attend. I loved the community-based learning and that the main focus of the school was primary care. I also loved that their Rural Physician Program is the oldest in the nation so it's very well established and successful for those (like me) that want to pursue that route. Some of the interview questions were awkward but I was warned in advance because the committee requires the interviewers to ask certain questions. I did like that they reviewed us without knowing our grades/MCAT so they could chose to like us as a person and not as a statistic. The campus seemed large and 'park-like' but looked like it would be beautiful in the Spring/Fall. I liked the area although I was only there for a short time and feel like I was just one of the students because we had very similar personalities and being open to people. Now I am really confused on which school I like best because I know I would also like it here like Mizzou and Kentucky.... I guess we'll see where I get an acceptance. Go Spartans!!!

    Creighton University - (03/06/09) I think what stuck out the most while at Creighton was how happy and normal everybody is. The first med student I met stated, 'I went out last night and yes, I have friends.' Everybody seemed to really like it here. I also liked that the class was very diverse with people from all over the country. The main admissions guy was very funny and definitely made you want to come back just to hear him talk some more. The people interviewing in my group also seemed like 'future classmates.' My interviews were very relaxing and nothing ever seemed stressful (expect I was a little hot in one of the rooms). Overall, I'd say the school did a very good job of presenting themselves and I definitely feel like I would fit in here. Go bluejays (especially tonight at the MVC!)

    Saint Louis University - (03/23/09) Day was very short and not as long as some of the previous interview days. Interviewer was nice (dean of admissions too) and very friendly to talk with. It was kind of strange that he typed my responses on his computer while I talked but that wasn't so bad. The tour was brief and predominately of the children's hospital and the student really seemed to like it there. Curriculum is more focused on lecture and very little on group work. The simulation labs were very neat, especially the navy/ROTC one. Overall, I was much more impressed by this school than I thought I would. The only downfall was that those interviewing with me reminded me of those at Mizzou, not as friendly and more 'stuck-up.' Otherwise it was great! Go Billikens!


    Current Ranking of Schools:

    1. University of Kentucky - originally first choice, now not so sure
    Creighton University - amazing... maybe better than Kentucky?
    Michigan State - close tie with Kentucky & Creighton
    3. Saint Louis University - last choice (great school, not the scholars though!)
    -University of Missouri (rejected 2/28)
    -University of Iowa (rejected 1/10)
    -Penn State University (no more interviews left?)

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Pennsylvania State University
    University of Iowa

    Attended Interview, Rejected

    University of Missouri, Columbia

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    Saint Louis University
    University of Kentucky


    Creighton University
    Michigan State University

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