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MD Applicants

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  • User #11050

  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Female, East Asian
  • Home state: Illinois
  • Brief Profile: Job shadow-1 summer
    Hospital volunteering-1 year
    Birthright volunteering-may 08 to present
    Church choir director- 1 year
    Church music ministry-3 years
    Pre-health club-3 years
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 507
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 126, CARS 126  
    • Overall GPA: 3.29
    • Science GPA: 3.24

    Summary of Application Experience

    primary submitted-6/4
    processing complete-6/9

    I applied early because I know my numbers suck. I've gotten 10 secondaries so far (which I submitted the day of, or the day after receiving them) and rejected from one school pre-secondary. six more secondaries to go and then I'm crossing my fingers for an interview!

    7/21/08: I got my albany and rosalind franklin secondaries today! 4 more to go!

    7/25/08: Feinberg secondary received today. 3 more!

    7/30/08: Finished my Rush secondary today but I can't mail it until I have a copy of my passport...which is at home =(. Hopefully it'll be sent soon!

    8/11/08: Received and submitted the Drexel secondary.

    8/12/08: Received the Loyola secondary! yay I made it past the screen!!! Once this one is done, ALL my secondaries will be finished and I can just sit back (yeah right) and wait for interview invites!

    8/21/08: I'm complete at all my schools!!

    As you can see, I got rejected from all my schools. I will be doing an SMP in August- MAMS at Loyola. Hopefully my next app cycle in 2011 will be more successful. Good luck everyone!

    Applied, Rejected

    Virginia Commonwealth University

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Chicago College of Mid. University
    UMDNJ - New Jersey
    Medical College of Wisconsin
    Saint Louis University
    University of Illinois
    Jefferson Medical College
    University of Chicago
    George Washington University
    New York Medical College
    Wright State University
    Northwestern University
    Albany Medical College
    Creighton University
    Rosalind Franklin University
    Rush Medical College
    Drexel University
    Loyola University Chicago

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