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  • User #10752

  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Female, 35
  • Home state: New York
  • Last Active: 12/21/2009   -   Latest Activity
  • Brief Profile: *** I edited this profile so I could remain anonymous. PM me if you have any questions ***

    I have a strong interest in community health and working towards eliminating health disparities, a theme that runs through almost every aspect of my application. I have many ECs related to social justice organizations and volunteering at various non-profits - along with the usual premed stuff (shadowing, a summer of research).
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: School in Boston
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 502
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 125, C/P 125, CARS 126  
    • Overall GPA: 3.65
    • Science GPA: 3.50

    Summary of Application Experience

    ***Any comments and suggestions are welcome!***

    II - interview invite
    X - rejection
    A- acceptance

    ? Rating System (for schools I have interviewed at) on how I feel I would feel there, community outreach, location & student resources (unfortunately I love every school I go to)

    Temple: ??? (like the community health focus, not sure about the area)
    Howard: ??? (really like the community & student support)
    Cornell: ???? (amazing facilities & opportunities)
    Downstate: ?? (not crazy about Brooklyn)
    NYU: ??? (love the city, hate the dorms)
    Upstate: ??? (really like the price, don\'t like how far away it is)
    GWU: ???? (like DC & living near Obama, love the community health opportunities)
    U Pitt: ???? (interesting city, amazing resources & good student support, ppl seem happy)
    Albert Einstein: ??? (like Bx & hospital, wish they had a clinical sim or stuff like that)
    Stony Brook: ?? (like the cost, not crazy about long island...)

    ============Calendar of Progress===========

    8.6.08 - I officially submitted my application at 12pm on 8/4 and I\'m just waiting for verification. I applied to a lot of schools, many far outside of my reach, but the worst that can happen is that they say no, so why not try.

    8.26.08 - My application was verified yesterday =) Back to work on those secondaries...

    9.23.08 - First interview invite!!! So happy I was starting to doubt whether I would actually get an invite this cycle. Still crossing my fingers...

    9.29.08 - Added U Pitt and Temple to the interview list!

    10.1.08 - OmG Cornell interview invite! I almost passed out. UgH It is getting harder and harder to finish these last three secondaries

    10.24.08 - So far my number is up to 9 interviews =) I had my first interview at Temple and I think I did well. Onto Cornell & Howard next... PS: I got an invite for NYU today WOW

    10.27.08 - It\'s official I am spoiled. Stony Brook makes my magic interview number 11 so far =) I never could have imagined I\'d have this many and I am more than grateful.

    11.14.08 - I\'M GOING TO BE A DOCTOR!!! Acceptance from Temple today! I never thought this day would come. All these years of struggling & hard work have finally paid off. I am so grateful! I am the luckiest gal in the world. No matter what happens after this point, if I get rejected by every other school, I will be going to medical school =)

    11.20.08 - I\'m very happy about a BU invite since Boston has a special place in my heart. Interview total: 12

    12.15.08 - Recently invited to Tufts. Interview Total: 13 =)

    12.19.08 - OmG... Cornell... I have no words... I will remember this day for the rest of my life! Very excited & humbled right now... but I still want to see what else comes through.

    1.30.09 - I got an e-mail from Einstein saying I was accepted! WoW I never expected to have ANY options, let alone so many amazing schools! I hope someone else out there who reads this who was told that they should quit or not to even bother can see my success this cycle and know that it is possible.

    3.3.09 - Wow. I have just been accepted to NYU and Pitt. Is this real? I still don\'t understand why me

    12.20.09 - Thought I should give an update from the other side =) I\'m really happy with my choice to go to Cornell. I\'m doing really well and I couldn\'t have asked for more! Cornell was the perfect school for me.

    Application Complete

    Mount Sinai School of Medicine
    Columbia University

    Attended Interview, Withdrew

    Loyola University Chicago
    Boston University
    New York Medical College
    Tufts University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    George Washington University

    Accepted off Waitlist

    University of Pittsburgh


    SUNY Upstate
    Howard University
    Temple University
    Cornell University
    SUNY Downstate
    Albert Einstein of Yeshiva University
    New York University
    SUNY Stony Brook

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