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  • Application cycles: 2008
  • Demographics: Male, Caucasian
  • Home state: Georgia
  • Brief Profile: MCAT: 33
    GPA: 3.7~ish

    I feel a bit cookie cutter:
    Lots of work to support expenses, Shadowing, Volunteer Work, Clubs, TA, Awards/Scholarship/Fellowship, Sudo-Self Directed Clinical Research, etc etc
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2008

    • Undergraduate college: University of Georgia
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 514
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 129, CARS 127  
    • Overall GPA: 3.72
    • Science GPA: 3.71

    Summary of Application Experience


    7/7 - Received Secondary
    7/9 - Submitted Secondary
    ?/? - Complete
    7/30 - App has been reviewed, new information 'when we are able'
    3/6 - Rejected

    7/3 - Received Secondary
    7/9 - Submitted Secondary
    7/24 - Complete
    8/27 - Rejected

    7/11 - Received Secondary
    7/12 - Submitted Secondary
    7/18 - Complete
    10/? - Rejected

    7/17 - Received Secondary
    8/16 - Withdrawing, drug my feet on the secondary because of money and did not realize it was due in 30 days. And also, they don't have a university affiliated hospital? Kind of downed my desire to attend.

    9/2 - Received Secondary
    9/5 - Submitted Secondary
    9/9 - Complete
    2/27 - a 'we have completed our review of applications and regret to inform you....' - bummer, I really thought I might get an interview at Emory.

    7/2 - Received Secondary
    7/19 - Secondary/Fee Mailed.
    7/23 - Email Notification: Secondary Received
    7/28 - Complete
    11/? - Withdrew

    7/1 - Received Secondary
    7/8 - Submitted Secondary
    7/29 - Complete
    9/13 - Rejected

    8/7 - Received Secondary
    8/13 - Submitted Secondary
    9/3 - Complete
    9/10 - Interview Invite
    10/13 - Interview Date
    11/20 - ACCEPTED!! YES!!
    5/25 - Very tough decision, but withdrew.

    8/16 - Added to AMCAS
    8/17 - Submitted Secondary
    11/20 - Withdrew

    Mount Sinai
    7/9 - Received Secondary
    7/13 - Submitted Secondary
    7/23 - Complete

    7/17 - Received Secondary
    7/17 - Submitted Secondary
    7/18 - Complete (first complete file)
    1/15 - Interview Invite! Scheduled for 1/29, sweet!
    1/29 - Interview: LOVED IT!
    2/5 - Update/I love NYU email/letter sent
    3/2 - Waitlisted, sigh, the triple factor is complete
    5/12 - Accepted off the wailist! Email at around 10:30am SWEET!
    5/21 - $17,500/year scholarship??!! Wow.
    5/28 - It's official! Withdrew from all other schools this week. I'm heading to New York, New York!

    7/15 - Received Secondary
    7/15 - Submitted Secondary
    7/25 - Complete
    ?/? - withdrew

    7/18 - Received Secondary
    ?/? - withdrew before submitting secondary

    9/22 - Rejected (surprise, surprise)

    7/2 - Received Secondary
    ?/? Withdrew

    6/25 - Received Secondary
    7/13 - Submitted Secondary
    7/25 - Complete
    8/13 - 'Hold' after 'initial screening'
    1/27 - 'File Closed' ah well

    8/1 - Received Secondary
    8/12 - Secondary Materials/Payment mailed
    8/18 - Complete
    11/26 - Holiday break email with 'You will hear from us soon' Guess we'll see what that means eventually.
    1/16 - Email update sent
    2/13 - Rejection email - too many qualified out of state applicants, blah blah, too bad, awesome school, but i fell victim to friday the 13th!

    7/11 - Received Secondary
    7/14 - Submitted Secondary
    7/15 - Mailed Secondary Fee
    7/21 - Secondary Fee Received
    7/25 - Complete

    6/30 - Received Secondary
    7/14 - Submitted Secondary (finally)
    7/28 - Complete
    3/2 - Rejected

    8/6 - Received Secondary/Interview Invite
    9/1 - Finished the Secondary and scheduled interview
    9/26 - Interview Date
    11/3 - Waitlisted, :/ Damn, I really love vandy, at least I'll be reconsidered a few times before May 15th.
    2/28 - LOI sent
    5/28 - Withdrew from Waitlist

    7/11 - Received Secondary
    7/14 - Submitted Secondary
    7/15 - Mailed Secondary Fee/Signature Page
    7/18 - All Secondary Materials Received
    7/24 - Complete
    10/10 - Interview Invite!
    11/21 - Interview Date
    12/10 - Date of Adcom meeting where my app will be voted on.
    12/15 - Waitlisted, no fun
    12/30 - Keep my file active/why I love wake letter sent
    2/5 - Update email sent
    5/11 - Update email sent
    5/18 - Accepted! Oh man, now its decision time!
    5/27 - Withdrew with a heavy heart, I loved wake but I can't beat the financial package I received from NYU.

    1/26/08: Took MCAT, so relieved to be done, 33 good enough.

    4/7/08: Met with chair of premed committee, seems that he will write me a good letter

    5/20/08: Finally ALL evaluations are out, AMCAS almost done, still tweaking Work/Activities and Personal Comments, still deciding on finial list of schools, help me out

    5/22/08: AMCAS notified me that my transcript was received, and two of my letters are in to the committee office, the ball is rolling! Gotta get this dang PS done....

    6/13/08: AMCAS SUBMITTED. Finally, I just couldn't take any more PS revising so I just had to let it go. Hope it all works out.

    6/24/08: AMCAS verified!! First batch of apps was released today as well, so I'm right behind them.

    7/8/08: I've got a nice handful of secondaries to work on at this point, I think I'll be submitting the first couple toinght!

    7/13/08: I am finally really rolling on these secondaries. 6 down, nearly half. Now, I'm just wondering when the hell my pre-med office will get my rec letter packet out.

    7/14/08: Just went by the pre-med office, and my letters were dropped into this morning's mail! Completeness here I come.

    7/22/08: AMCAS received my premedical committee letter packet. Not sure how long it will take them to forward it to medical schools.

    8/5/08: I'm complete everywhere I have submitted a secondary so far. I just received UNC's on friday! So I have to get to work on that one for sure. Other than that I've just lost steam with the others, EVMS and Tulane, not totally sure I want to fork over the money until I hear something from other schools.

    8/6/08: Holy SHIT soooo stoked for my first interview invite!!! VANDERBILT BABY!!! awesome.

    8/27/08: First rejection, BU, hopefully also the last, ha. Also I STILL haven't completed the vandy secondary, wow slacking.

    9/1/08: Finished the vandy secondary! Interview scheduled for 9/26. Now just hoping this first week of September will bring some good news! Oh, and it is about time for Emory to bring it on.

    9/10/08: Interview invite from MCG, definitely exciting. Solid school and cheap to attend. Interview scheduled for 10/13. Only weird thing is that neither the email, nor the online reservation/status check site have any information about what time I should arrive at the school, or what the interview day is like....hmm.

    9/17/08: No new news, but all the school I applied to are now giving out interviews except Emory, so we'll see what happens. I added UF to my app, great school and close to home but a state school so not a great shot but who knows, I like their research track.

    10/10/08: Well this month has been silent till today with an invite from Wake! Real excited about wake forest, great school close to home in the region where I want to practice. Also this month my interview at Vanderbilt was AWESOME, really a perfect school as far as location, prestige, and just 'coolness' of the facilities and students. Looking forward to MCG interview Monday and hopefully some more news soon.

    10/16/08: My MCG interview went extremely well, I was much more impressed with the school after I met the faculty and really felt the desire they posses to please and work with the students. They said they would move along quicker with decisions this year, so hopefully I'll know something soon. Vanderbilt started calling applicants yesterday! aaaaahhhhhh what I would do for a vandy acceptance, but Ive got another month to wait at least. Until next time......

    11/6/08: Well, I've hit another mostly silent stretch, that is until my waitlist letter from Vanderbilt arrived....oh well what can I do but put in some more effort and send of a lovely update packet to them in December. Hopefully it will include a love letter/intent letter, grades (need that 4.0), and maybe an additional recommendation. Until then I have my Wake interview in about 2.5 weeks which I am VERY excited about, and I could be hearing from MCG any day now. I would really love an acceptance just to take the load off. Maybe I'll get another invite (or two!) before the month is over.

    11/21/08: WOW, I'm gonna be a doctor, MCG acceptance yesterday, I had my roomate check the mail because I was out of town for my Wake Forest interview, which I had today. SO pumped about MCG. I also loved Wake, it REALLY fits everything I want in a medical school, now I have to wait for a decision. I'll be considered/voted on December 10th and notified the week after, man that would be an awesome christmas present (As if MCG wasn't already an awesome early present)!!

    12/11/08: Haven't updated in a while....but sadly it's because there is nothing to update. However, Wake's adcom met last night and I COULD get an email notification as early as here's to an upbeat 12/12 update!

    12/15/08: Well Wake didn't post/email any news until today, the Monday after the adcom meeting. I have been waitlisted, and I really feel quite crestfallen. I expected a waitlist from Vanderbilt, but I just really felt great about my interviews at Wake, I had such a solid gut feeling that I was going to get in straight away. Now I have to finish finals strong, and write some update letters during winter break.........gah

    1/15/09: Happy new year. And out of nowhere comes an NYU interview invite!! I'm not 100% sure that I can go (money-wise) but I do have a friend who lives in new york and also have NEVER been, so I don't see how I could pass it up. As far as NYU; not so sure I can justify the extra debt but you never know! No news from anyone else, one of these days I'll stop being lazy and send my update letters and fall grades.

    2/5/09: About time for an update! I interviewed at NYU last week and I really really enjoyed it. I was really unsure about my ability to make it in the 'big city' but I'm almost sure I would actually love it. The clinical training at Bellevue is second to NONE and I wouldn't mind dorm life again (except that I'd have to leave my dog behind). Anyway, I sent update letters to Wake Forest and NYU today, and I'm toying with the idea of sending a letter of intent to Vanderbilt here soon, but I really have the gut feeling that I will not get in there. Vandy just has so many great quality applicants on their waitlist. I've also started browsing in Augusta for housing if I am to attend MCG, seeing as that is my only acceptance right now! I'll hear from NYU the first of march, so that will probably be my next update.

    3/2/09 - Waitlist from NYU, not totally unexpected, but still unwelcome. Oh, well, what can you do when you interview the last week.

    5/18/09 - Well I have had a hell of a week. Sent an update to Wake last monday, was told it would be read by the dean of admissions today. Accepted to NYU last tuesday, and then accepted to wake today! At this point I don't know what I am going to do! Its a great problem to have and I'm so thankful that this cycle has turned out really great for me. Now I just have to sit down and figure out what will be best for me.

    5/21/09: And the crazy week continues with a 17.5k/year scholarship to NYU!!!! Game over, I am headed to the big apple! Its a bit intimidating for a southern kid with no family north of the georgia mountains, but I think I'll survive just fine. Good luck to everyone applying now, or in the future. I'll fully update my activities here soon so that there will be more detail to this thing.

    MCAT Fee: $210
    Primary Application: $760

    Boston Secondary: $100
    Baylor Secondary: $80
    Georgetown Secondary: $130
    Dartmouth Secondary: $85

    Michigan Secondary: $85
    Mt. Sinai Secondary: $105
    Wake Forest Secondary: $55
    Keck/USC Secondary: $90
    Tufts Secondary: $105
    NYU Secondary: $100
    UNC Secondary: $68
    MUSC Secondary: $75
    Emory Secondary: $100
    Vanderbilt Secondary: $50
    Nashville Hotel: $114
    Winston Salem Hotel: $102
    New York Airline Ticket $200
    New York Trip Expenses $150
    MCG Deposit $100
    NYU Deposit $100

    Current Total: $2874

    Applied, Rejected

    University of California, San Francisco

    Applied, Withdrew

    University of Chicago
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    University of Florida

    Application Complete

    University of Southern California
    Mount Sinai School of Medicine

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Georgetown University
    Boston University
    Dartmouth College
    University of Michigan
    University of North Carolina
    Emory University
    University of Virginia
    Baylor College

    Application Complete, Withdrew

    New York Medical College
    Tulane University
    Tufts University
    Medical University of South Carolina
    George Washington University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Withdrew

    Vanderbilt University

    Accepted off Waitlist

    New York University
    Wake Forest University


    Medical College of Georgia

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