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  • Application cycles: 2005
  • Demographics: Female, South Asian
  • Home state: Louisiana
  • Brief Profile: Resident Advisor/Assistant Resident Director; India Assocation Executive Board; Neuroscience Association Executive Board; Children's Hospital Volunteer; Neuroscience Research; Dean's List; Summer Internship at Pasteur Hospital in Nice, France
  • // Applications //

    Application Cycle One: 2005

    • Undergraduate college: Tulane University
    • Undergraduate Area of study: Biological/Life Sciences
    • Institution: Double Major/Dual Degree
    • Area of Study: Foreign Language/International Studies
    • Total MCAT SCORE: 519
    • MCAT Section Scores: B/B 129, C/P 129, CARS 132  
    • Overall GPA: 3.82
    • Science GPA: 3.71

    Summary of Application Experience

    Summer 2005: Pre-med program in France (Internship at Pasteur Hospital in Nice plus courses in the French health care system and medicine in literature)... AMAZING experience.

    5/25 - Transcripts received by AMCAS
    7/8 - AMCAS sumbitted
    7/20 - AMCAS verified

    * Secondaries: Baylor, UPenn, Yale, WashU, LSU, Tulane, Emory, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt
    * Worked as a research assistant at LSU

    8/28 - Evacuated for Hurricane Katrina

    Fall 2005: Attending LSU as a visiting student
    * Finished secondaries: Duke, Stanford
    * Attended interviews

    9/30 - Vanderbilt interview. Loved the school, amazed by the Children's Hospital. Thought my interview went ok, but in retrospect, it wasn't all that great.

    10/17 - Tulane acceptance letter AND WashU interview invitation! I love the mailman!

    11/3 - Waitlisted at Vanderbilt. Pretty bummed and now I'm worried about the Baylor interview tomorrow.

    11/4 - Baylor interview. My dad and I drove to Houston the morning of the interview, probably not the best idea. Large interview group (~60 students). TMC was very impressive, but somehow I just didn't get that *feeling* about Baylor, maybe because interviews didn't go so well. Got to hang out with the Tulane students and faculty while I was there, which was pretty cool - I miss Tulane like crazy and can't wait to get back to New Orleans.

    11/11 - UPenn interview. Totally amazing. Had an extra day, so I hung out with some undergrads and saw the area around campus. Interviews went really well (*fingers crossed*) and met some pretty cool fellow interviewees. I can really see myself going here...

    11/17 - WashU interview. This has been my dream school since I was in high school. The med school/hospital complex is very impressive - nice to have everything in the same place. The new Teaching & Learning Center blew me away. Interview went pretty well, students were great. Spent the weekend with friends at WashU undergrad - I love St.Louis, especially around the undergrad campus. Definitely up there with Penn on my wish list.

    12/7 - LSU-NO interview. Kind of a relief to just be able to drive 10 minutes instead of hopping on a plane :-) Interview calmed some of my concerns about staying in New Orleans for another 4 years. LSU has the support of the Louisiana public hospital system, so they can send their students all over the state for clinical years, which is a good alternative with Charity down. Committee meeting before Christmas, so should hear back soon.

    12/12 - Wake Forest interview. Got to stay with family in Raleigh for the weekend, which was cool. I liked Wake, but found myself comparing everything to the glitz and glamour of WashU's new building. Winston-Salem might be a bit small, but it seems like a nice place to live. Interviews went pretty well - should hear back mid-January.

    12/22 - LSU-NO acceptance! Happy Holidays!

    1/17 - Wake Forest acceptance! I think I'm pretty sure I want to go out of state, so I'm glad I have the option.

    2/8 - Emory interview invitation! Totally unexpected, but I'm psyched!

    2/24 - Emory interview. Wow. I had no idea what to expect, and I was completely blown away. I loved what I saw of Atlanta, loved the students, loved the campus, loved it all. When my student host pointed out the CDC next door, I just sat there with my mouth open. My first group interview experience, but I think it went pretty well. I would love to go here next year. Last round of acceptances go out March 14th, so it shouldn't be too long of a wait.

    3/3 - Saw an email from UPenn in my inbox and almost had a heart attack. It was just an update saying decisions won't be announced until the week of March 20th :-P It looks like I'll have a pretty good idea of where I'll end up by the end of March... scary to think about.

    3/4 - Stanford rejection letter waiting for me when I went home this weekend. Bummed, but didn't really have high hopes to begin with. My mom is afraid I'll die in an earthquake if I move to California, but she faked a pretty good sympathetic look when I told her I rejected from both my CA schools... Haha.

    3/13 - EMORY!!!!! OMG! Accepted by email with information about the revisit weekend in April. Official letters were mailed on Monday as well.

    3/17 - Received an email from LSU-NO saying I've been awarded an $8000 merit scholarship for the first year! I'm definitely honored, but still pretty sure I'm ready to go out of state at this point. Only a few more days until UPenn decisions... (*fingers crossed*)

    3/22 - Tier 1 waitlist at Penn. I know it's not all lost, but I'm not in their 'Top of Tier 1' batch either, so I'm not sure how good my chances are. Thinking about writing a letter, but I'm pretty bummed :(

    3/23 - Waitlisted at WashU. Shot down by my two dream schools within 48 hours :( At least this letter seemed more positive than the Penn waitlist message. I've been told that if I really want to go to WashU, writing an LOI will definitely help. I'm hesitating because Emory is a lot closer to where my boyfriend will be next year, and I don't know if what I'd get out of going to WashU will make up for the distance. I'll talk to my parents and do some soul-searching this weekend and see what happens...

    4/1 - Rejection letter from Yale finally arrived. Complete since August with no interview, so no surprise. I'm about 98% sure I'll be at Emory next fall. YAY EMORY!

    4/15 - Alternate list from Baylor. Just waiting for my financial aid package from Emory before I withdraw from everywhere else.

    Applied, Rejected

    University of California, San Francisco

    Application Complete, Rejected

    Stanford University
    Duke University
    Yale University

    Attended Interview, Waitlisted

    University of Pennsylvania
    Washington University in St. Louis
    Baylor College
    Vanderbilt University


    Tulane University
    Wake Forest University
    Louisiana State University, New Orleans
    Emory University

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