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Application Cycles: 6/8/2011
Demographics: Male, 33, Arabic
Home State: Kentucky
Last Activity Date: 12/19/2012

Undergraduate Area of Study: Biological/Life Sciences

Institution: University of Kentucky
Area of Study: Other
Degree Obtained: MPH

MCAT: BS 10, PS 9, VR 9, O
Overall GPA: 3.40
Science GPA: 2.90

Brief Profile:
BA -- Biology major, chemistry minor
MPH -- Health Behavior
Lab technician for 3.5 years
Research analyst for 1.5 years
4 years volunteering at a soup kitchen
Shadowed doctors of neonatology
Chair of Alumni Association Job Searches Committee
Published author for research in nanotoxicology (not first author)

AMCAS submitted: 6/8/2011


Applied, Rejected

University of Nevada - "In-state only"
Wake Forest University - "I wish more schools would send rejection letters rather than secondary apps if they know you're not ..."
University of New Mexico - "In-state only"

Applied, Withdrew

Application Complete, Rejected

UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson - "I am bummed about this one considering that new MCAT scores would be received 24 hours of receipt of..."
Tulane University - "188 interviews out of 10,000 applications. No surprise here."
Medical University of South Carolina - "Their loss, this was my #3. I am taking the MCAT tomorrow. Last practice test, I scored a 35. I w..."

Application Complete, Withdrew

Florida State University - "Had a brief exchange with an admissions officer 1/26/2011 about biochem as a pre-req and whether I c..."

Attended Interview, Waitlisted, Rejected

University of Louisville - "I feel good about this one. Sad that I was waitlisted, but confident that I will come off the waitl..."
University of Kentucky - "My application is on hold and will be reviewed Dec 15. I will be sending a letter of interest to th..."

Summary of Application Experience

Thus far, the hardest part was getting recommendation letter writers to submit their rec-letters. Two of five have submitted within a month of time.

6/28/2011 Spoke with the director of admissions at UK basically asking should I cut my losses and pursue other plans. She said that my scores are not competitive and to consider DO school. I have no interest in DO school. At this point, I am just seeing things until the end with no expectation of getting an acceptance letter.

7/27/2011 Received a few more secondary requests, but don't have any more money to submit. Must wait 2 weeks and then judge likelihood of acceptance. Started studying for the MCAT again, aiming to take the test Nov for 2013 application. In dire need of luck this time around, hard work has been the easy part. Will apply to MD and DO schools next summer.

8/4/2011 My final rec-letter writer has submitted his letter. All my applications are updated and I have received 5 additional secondary application requests that I cannot afford. I am studying to retake the MCAT one last time and hope to be prepared by November. Next year, I will apply only to my two in-state medical schools and a handful of DO programs. This process has cost me over $5000 thus far out of my own pocket.

11/4/2011 In October, I received a letter from UKy that I was put on hold status. They stated that they wanted to see more applicants before deciding on my application. It is neither an acceptance nor a rejection, but it is not a wait-list either. I am treating it as a rejection and have signed up to retake the MCAT for a fourth time. My average score's taken independently have been several points higher than my actual test score and I feel that I have just had bad luck. If my score is not better in February, then I will look for a new career. This is 1.5 years of studying and over 5 grand invested, not to mention 5 years as a lab tech, 4 years as a volunteer, a master's degree, and no other passions in this world. Wish me luck.

12/14/2011 As I am still studying for my retake of the MCAT, I have just received an unclear email from Louisville saying that my app will be looked at every 2 weeks until March, that the committee has not yet decided. As of now, I will assume that I am waitlisted at UK and UofL. My focus is just to make this fourth go of the MCAT a significant improvement.

1/30/2012 I took the MCAT for the fourth and last time last Saturday. This was an afternoon test and I had a full night's rest. My two practice MCAT's the week before averaged a 34, so I felt confident. The test was still however the hardest I have ever taken in my entire life. I will have to wait a month before getting results obviously. I am spending that time in catching up on forgotten hobbies that I have missed out on for 2 years and need to get my health under control. I hope for the best. If I happen to make the same 28 or less, then I am pulling out of the application process and going with one for Plan B options in the doctorate realm. I have never wanted anything more in my life than having my success match the hard work that I've put in. We'll see what happens.

2/28/2012 New scores came in, I am now at a 30-S. I hope that means I can get off the waiting lists before June. Otherwise, I will apply just to one school early decision this summer. I feel like I should have earned a better MCAT score considering how hard I worked for this and the fact that my last practice full-length test received a 35, but I am done. I worked hard and achieved something that I felt was impossible just a few years ago. Let's hope it means I can get into medical school one day.

3/15/2012 UofL's letter came today asking me whether I accept a waitlist status. In my excitement, I sent an email accepting the request but forgot to add my AMCAS ID#. I sent another email immediately with that info. Maybe an early waitlist offer means I am high on the waitlist.

4/6/2012 UK has sent me a waitlist invitation. This is my first choice above all choices. I will go to work to print the forms and send it back if I have to this weekend. I should be happy, but I must continue to wait up until July 30th for the acceptance. I still will reapply June 1st at midnight. Send warm thoughts, it may happen.

5/9/2012 UofL's adcomm has put me in the top-third of the wait list. I am very hopeful now of an acceptance, but have started by 2012-2013 AMCAS application. I am also doing and AAMCOMAS to apply to DO. I plan on reducing the number of schools from 33 to just 2-4 MD and 1-2 DO schools. Let's hope for the best.

6/25/2012 What a sad day to find out a week after the letter was sent that UK has not chosen me off their alternate list and is no longer looking for alternate seats. That was my top choice. UofL is my only hope now for the 2012 cycle. I wish for all my hard work to not have been a waste of time and dread the thought of living through one more year of this. I hope something good happens soon. I could really use some good news.

8/23/2012 The application cycle is over. The last school has sent its rejection letter. Before I applied, I took an objective look at myself and acknowledged that I would not admit myself with these stats. I did it anyway for the sake of hope and learning. Next cycle, I am one year older, one year more experienced in research, 2 more publications on my CV, 3 more sub-par programs applied to, and 2 MCAT points higher. I am not giving up. Find me under the new screen name: Sentriculus.