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Application Cycles: 2007 | 2008
Demographics: Female, 29, Caucasian
Home State: Unknown
Last Activity Date: 12/20/2009

Undergraduate College: Macalester College
Undergraduate Area of Study: Foreign Language/International Studies

Institution: EMT/Primary Care Paramedic
Area of Study: Nursing/Pharmacy/Medical Technology
Degree Obtained: EMT/PCP

Institution: Athabasca University
Area of Study: Premedical Studies
Degree Obtained: N/A

MCAT: BS 10, PS 12, VR 10, T
Overall GPA: 3.58
Science GPA: 3.71

Brief Profile:
Foreign Language Achievement Award (upon graduation)
Dean's list (4 semesters)
Somewhat unusual senior research thesis
3 years volunteering as a counselor at a community reproductive health/family planning clinic
volunteer for senate campaign
4-year scholarship
volunteer ESL teacher (1 year)
hospital volunteer for 3 months (20 hrs/week)
4 years working on campus as an office assistant/tutor
study abroad (one semester)
speak 5 languages
volunteer at a cat adoption center
summer internship (boring)
policy/non-profit research internship
Katrina relief volunteer
fundraising for Katrina relief trip
member of investment group on campus
undergrad toxicology research project
began working as an Emergency Medical Responder (analog of EMT-B in the US) during the cycle
Took my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-I/Primary Care Paramedic) during the cycle while working FT as an EMR

I have a low cumulative due to 2 years in Economics where I stayed at 3.3-3.4, but my last 2 years are around 3.8. Trying to pull up the cumulative and especially BCPM now, so I'm gonna do a year post-bac full-time - I need it for UWO, anyway. My BCPM also has a strong upward trend. I really gained a newfound motivation for studying once I realized Economics was not for me and that I wanted to do medicine instead.

AMCAS submitted: 2008

Application Complete, Rejected

University of Western Ontario - "cutoff was 11 BS, 9 PS - just my luck"

Attended Interview, Rejected

Queen's University - "Didn't want to go to this interview, given the terrible experience I had there the year before (very..."
University of Calgary - "Average interview, low cumulative GPA and they take GPA as 50% of your file evaluation, so I wasn't ..."


University of Alberta - "WOW! My #1 choice! Can't believe it! Interview went great. I think my interview score and the f..."

Summary of Application Experience


OMSAS cumulative: 3.56

University of Calgary cumulative: 3.58

University of Alberta cumulative: 3.69

University of Alberta pre-requisite: 3.76

Last/best 2 years: 3.86

Rejected pre-interview from UWO due to not making the BS cutoff of 11.

Interviewed at Calgary, Queen's, and U of A.

Didn't want to go to Queen's at all based on last year's experience, but decided that beggars can't be choosers. Was one of the few rejected right out on May 15th. The dislike was evidently mutual.

Calgary interview was so-so. Their topics were really repetitive and not very challenging. The whole experience was tiring. Rejected post-interview. I scored 28/40 on the interview, so not too bad, but they put a lot of emphasis on cGPA, so that did me in.

U of A interview was last. Had a blast -great questions, lots of variety, lots to think about. Felt very well about my interview, even though I went to it straight off of my paramedic practicum, exhausted after being on call for a month straight. That night, I only had 45 minutes of sleep because we had a time-consuming transfer. On my way back from the interview, I had to pull over and nap a few times, even though the drive was only 2.5 hours!

May 15th - rejected from Queen's (meh), accepted at U of A right off the bat (WOW! 1st choice!), rejected from Calgary (a DISTANT 2nd choice....I knew I wasn't gonna go there if I got accepted at U of A, anyway).

Now haflway through year 1 at U of A and having a blast! Med school is awesome and it's so worth it!